"The school tech asked me for my MAC address on my phone, but I told them I didn't have one because my phone is Android and Macs only have MAC addresses, right?"

-my wife

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    To be fair, it's very easy to make that mistake. Someone not from the tech world can't be expected to not conflate the two
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    @mostlyharmless Yeah, but it indicates a failure on my part. Lol.
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    Awww... #socute Gotta hand it to her for at least attempting to work it out herself.
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    That should have been a well guarded secret and not Rant. If she finds out you will be choking something for a while
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    @iakar Lol it's okay because she laughs at some of my mistakes as well.
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    "Tell him your husband is also a tech and he says it's discrimination to demand a MAC address from every one since Android phones use IP address instead"

    *make popcorn*
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    @oskaremil Lol. That'd be great! But once she realized I was messing with her, she'd probably want to kill me. haha
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    ...you might want to look into hiring a divorce lawyer
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