TLDR: In defense of Powershell - the rant:

I don’t get the Powershell hate.

You don’t hate a screwdriver for not being able to turn a nut, you just *don’t use a screwdriver to turn a nut*

Once you recognize what the tool is good for and you don’t try to use it like Bash, it’s wildly powerful, and satisfying to use in a way Cmd.exe never was.

Cygwin or a Linux Subsystem can only go so far on a Windows computer. You’re dealing with two fundamentally different OS architectures. It makes sense you’d need different tools.

And like it or not, Microsoft owns the non-tech-user desktop , corners the non-tech server business market, and Active Directory is THE tool for managing Windows desktops on a large scale - So Wanblows is not going away anytime soon.

Automation without some weird ass sysVol batch login script is finally possible. Anyone who knows .Net classes can leverage their methods from directly within Powershell. Remote management of headless Windows servers is now a reality. If you have an Office 365 Exchange server you can literally Powershell remote to it for management, just like your favorite cloud hosted Linux distribution.

No one said Windows is a better OS, but an object based shell on an object based OS *makes sense*. It’s useful for its environment. Let it be.

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    I don’t “hate” powershell, I simply dislike using it 😅

    But then I’m not a Windows sysadmin, so I don’t have to use it often.
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    There's not really a lot of hate for PS, It's just MS are trying to shove it down users throats as a CMD replacement
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    I mean. Powershell has its own fricking studio. It must be important.
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    @DucksCanCode Because CMD is terrible
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    Powershell is so so so much better than the stupid CMD they left in Windows since MS-DOS....

    The real complaint I have is that it's so freaking slow for some unknown reason
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    @Condor Not targeting you! You rock, keep on keeping on. I’ve seen a few other posts too so I did this as a rant instead of a comment reply on another rant. You just made me start thinking of it.

    I think I read so many of your rants I started using your language unconsciously. 😅
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    Yu try *ls* *ll* *./*
    It works and now you want it to be *sh*

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    My only issue with PS are the security concerns
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    Gotta agree. I actually like using it.
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    ++ For analogy
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    Powershell is actually really fun and useful at my work. I love watching something I put many hours into perfecting being used by my coworkers and it just working and saving us all time and trouble by not having to do everything manually.
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