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So there is this girl in my office from different team. We only talked over emails couple of times. I never got courage to go and talk to her in person. Sometimes I found her looking at me (** i guess**), sometimes she catches me looking at her. Smiles gets exchanged and that's it.

Didn't see her for 2-3 days. Checked in portal, turns out she left company. I'm feeling super bad right now. I can't focus on anything since this afternoon. I know this is not the place to share it, but I don't have anywhere else to share this...


I could've tried...

My shyness kills me more than anything else in this world.😞

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    First rule is: Keep your pen out of company ink!

    Now that she left: try to contact her!
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    No, this post fits here perfectly. Tell us how it goes if you decide to find her.

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    I also convinced myself by same rule that no shit in office.

    But right now I am feeling like shit itself.😞
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    @danzig666 @xawos how?? I know her social media profiles. But, wouldn't it creep her out if I send friend request or something. I'm quite naive in this area.
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    Flirting up co-worker, even in a polite manner, runs the risk of a harassment complaint if she doesn't already have a crush on you. Which you won't know before trying.

    Now that she has left, you can try your luck, of course.
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    Lesson learned (respect++)
    Next time just dont be shy!
    Best of luck
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    Just send her a friend request dude, the worst thing she could do is rejecting it. Just think of it as a PR rejection
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    Well one good thing is that many companies forids relationship in office, this could be your chance, provided you have a way to contact her
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    @rutee07 wow, that was deep. I should save it. Thanks 👍
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    Thanks people. I'll try to contact her. Let's see how it goes. Thanks again 👍
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    @rutee07 Call me naive but I hope that won't happen to me. The fact that there are old couples that are still into each other proves that what you wrote doesn't always hold. Of course the relationship is very different than when they first met but I argue that love only comes with time.
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    @xawos after reading your comment, I'm feeling like dr. strange begging ancient one... "Teach me"

    Thanks man. I sent her request, waiting... ☺
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    @Hu-bot0x58 oh... then? How to pitch in?
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    @thatJavaGuy Rather than making up an explanation why you didn't contact her earlier, it's better to tell her that you contact her now because you feel like you have to. Talking about how you feel is never wrong. But the two questions @xawos have you are the easy ones to start the conversation with.
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    Thanks all. I sent her request. She didn't even acknowledged for 3-4 days. So, I removed my request. I'm feeling so embarrassed. But it's ok. I will move on. But thank you all.
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    @xawos haha ok.👍
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