devRant help me!

I'm getting a lovely little tax return and am in the middle on what laptop to buy.

MacBook Pro (I like MacOS and build quality, fight me)
PixelBook (I'm a google fanboy and love ChromeOS so once again... Fight me)

What do you think would be the best option keeping in mind the PixelBook will run Linux apps as well...

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    @Linux macOS
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    This probably depends on your needs tho
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    @bcye but if he wants an actual computer without paying out the ass the thinkpad lol
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    @ScribeOfGoD or he just visits eBay
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    @ScribeOfGoD I'm keeping an open mind but if I was to get a windows device I'll probably wait for the surface go to come out (I want super good build quality hence the choice of Mac and pixelbook)
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    Macbook hands down. You get the added advantage of being able to make ios appa if you ever need it.

    A BSD style workstation wich will last for years and run smooth af? Yes please.

    I have two of these babies and I fucking love em. They have never......EVER let me down or had made me look bad when doing a presentation or showing something.

    When presenting a product it helps to have a speedy system that does not b.s with you.
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    Do you need a laptop? I say this because I don’t own one, 100% of my work I do at my desk, hence a desktop and a lot less back, shoulder and neck ache. Everything else is covered by my portable devices.
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    @helloworld Need, no. Want, yes.

    Just the ability to pick it up and go out and do things, means I don't really have to give up anything
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    If these are the only options you want to consider then I'd go with the MacBook.
    If you do want to consider something else, assus zenbook and a PlayStation. 😉
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    @dontbeevil they actually already lost a couple of these and have already increased the warranty on the keyboards to 4 years.
    I have a MacBook Pro from work and one of the keys got stuck after the first month. Fortunately I managed to fix it with an air compressor.
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    @S-Homles *sips*
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    Go for the Mac!
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    I am quite happy with mbp (got it for a year now) and it did a good job for me :)
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    At the moment you should not buy a MacBook. Just wait until Apple presents the new models, this can't be too long.
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    @BreadTrooper When are we expecting them to reveal the new models?

    As long as i can get the touch bar and 4 USB-c ports on a 13 inch I'll be happy.
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    At the moment there are no dates, but I think we can expect that they release this year or at least announce them
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