MS Edge got a bit unsettled and competitive when i typed in 'Chrome'. 😂. It's a bit sad though 😕

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    Yeah every time I do that search yields same result, I wonder if it's morally right even for browsers 😅
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    It's so sad to see. When we open edge it becomes all happy that today is the day of my use and then we type "Download Chrome" in search bar and its all like plzz dude atleast gimme a try plzz and then boom bye forver!
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    @makarand even browsers need some love and attention lol. @Deadmau5 😂😂 its a sad story. The please give me a try part had me sad honestly
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    Say what you want about M$, at least they don't slow down their websites on purpose on browsers that aren't their own.
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    Meanwhile visiting Google and/or Youtube with edge and you will get notifications telling you how chrome provides Best experience... But that's ok, it's only bad if Microsoft does it
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    @Deadmau5 man 😓

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    Html rendering is indeed the quickest although its microseconds.

    Loading YouTube on anything else then Chrome or iE11 is slow as hell.
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    @MrCSharp almost nobody sees that, though, because people don't even open YouTube with Edge, they just download Chrome/Firefox first.
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    @makmm I know, how else would I know such specifics as that IE11 is faster than edge and firefox?
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    I think Microsoft got a little bit ....
    (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)

    .. edgy!

    Cue CSI Miami theme
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    And that is the exact reason no one likes Edge
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    unpopular opinion:
    For browsing i would choose edge over chrome. Only use chrome for web dev, because of the tooling...
    Edge aren't that bad 🙁
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    @elzdev Yes it isn't that bad but when I use Edge to watch YouTube it's extremely slow..
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    @Klatschen Some Mozilla guy claimed Google is doing it on purpose by using APIs that are only supports on Chrome
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    @Klatschen That's a Windows feature (available to any UWP app) not only Edge. Edge simply integrates with it.
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    @MrCSharp not only mozzilla and also not only claims. There is proof of it.
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