Russian Roulette for Devs. Try this after the next hackathon.


  • 21
    This event should be mandatory every week for all the apps. Just to keep backups alive and be sure they work. Damn, it's a good idea :o
  • 49
    Thats even worse than real russian roulette... in real russian roulette you are at least dead if you lose.
  • 6
  • 2
    I died with this meme hahaha
  • 10
    Pussy is only in the home (~) directory. Real men do it in the root (/) directory with added '--no-preserve-root'
  • 0
    Gonna try that on VM
  • 3
    @gathurian Doesn't matter. Guy is logged in as root and doing rm -rf /. I agree though, that --no-preserve-root must be used.
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