I'm sick of all the people who are complaining about PHP as if it were a shitty language.
Watch your mouth next time you abuse PHP or at least try to do so after reading 'about' section of devRant.

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    You can write good things in PHP, yes. But it does have a LOT of language problems.

    Until PHP7, there was no AST. There wasn't a spec for the language until Facebook wrote one. For the longest time there were no namespaces and all functions were in the default name space. There was register_globals. There is still the problem of automatic type conversion during comparison. There is no === for >= and <=. mysql_real_escape_string is a thing that exists.

    Hiphop/Hack are Facebook written subsets of PHP to try to tame some of the language problems and/or to convert them to other compiled languages.

    Even though PHP7 has fixed a lot of issues, and even though you can write good PHP code, it's still not a well designed language from a language perspective and you will hit a lot of these issues with the more advanced stuff you try to do with PHP.

    If someone points out problems in your language, don't take it personally. You are not your code or your language preference.
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    PHP was never meant to be a full fledged language, necessity made it to become one. it has very humble background and yes it needs a lot of improvement but that does not make it any less than others.
    It has powered a great part of the web we see today and if you are to blame it then go and check out other languages and technologies used in building web.
    None of them are related but even then they are mixed up to create websites.
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    Does devrant run on php? Yes.

    Does devrant run well? Eeh lets say.

    Does that make php good? Fuck no.
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    Is this some kind of elaborate satire and/or sarcasm or something? Or did you legit think you sounded cool when you wrote it?

    Like even "it powers 90% of the web" holds more water than what you wrote
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    i don't get it. it is a shitty language because of issues in past versions? like firefox is shit because of netscape didn't support ajax?
    because of an other syntax that your favourite language? like french is better because of these neat dashes over characters as opposed to english?
    it's totally fine to prefer one language over another, but i think its childish to call these things shit in the first place.
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    I wonder when people get tired to bite the bait or do bad baits in hope for ++
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    I can do whatever the fuck I want.
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    The Problem of PHP is not the language itself. Its the shitty community. Thabks to Wordpress (and other cms) there are a lot of stupid script kiddies that think they're the guy. The post their crap code on SO and other portals. Other people really trying to learn PHP are copying those pieces of crap and getting hacked because they didn't understand the language. This is why so many people think PHP is shit.
    And btw, don't use PHP 5.X for comparisons of the language. PHP 7 has improved so many things...
    I also don't complain about Java 5 (^^) anymore.
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    @d4rkmindz and other languages have their problems too so please stop bashing languages. They all deserve to be here (except this strange emoji-language)
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    PHP is a shitty language.
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    "AS IF it were a shitty language"

    ... dude...
    ... it IS. no conditional.
    and that's precisely why it's kind of easy and quick to build stuff with (up to a certain point) - similar principle to why it's easy to build a mud hut, because you're just slapping some dirt and twigs together. but try and build actual serious house with it, and you'll quickly realize/remember why "dirt" is basically a derogatory word.
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    PHP7 is better. But it still has so very many issues.

    PHP is decent, but it is objectively worse than other languages, and that isn't opinion.

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one accurately describing PHP to its fanboys anymore.
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    @Root tbh I think if zend were to implement this


    it would be a huuuuge improvement. Having every file being an endpoint is definitely a cause for a lot of confusion and spaghetti for beginners when you start to scale your app.

    A proper build in view engine would also be a big step since the ability to mix your serverside code and your clientside code the way PHP does it.

    An a thing that would be an indirect improvement would be if teachers actually started teaching about clean code and proper god damn program structure
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