Just got my beta access for Framer X. They describe themselves as "Unity for design" bridging the gap between Sketch and React using code-based components. I think it has a lot of potential. Would love some non-designer perspectives. What do the front-end devs here think of it?

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    We will probably hate it, but let me see
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    It looks to me it will be great for designers to deliver responsive designs, but maintaining it and adding features by dev is probably near to impossible.
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    only for mac....
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    Actually, isn't that what they want to achieve by using React for the code base? This way, even the designed components are just plain React code, that can be modified and extended by a developer.
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    It looks really similar to figma to me
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    @lukegv computer generated code can never be good code.
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    lol gotta love how airbnb is ALWAYS on all design and code tools, it's like they have one department just paid for trying all tools producthunt can find 🤣 tell us how you feel about it once you've tried, sounds interesting, but could fail just like all the other tools before it.
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    The react code components they are recommending less as "this is production-worthy code" but instead more focused on their component store where people build interactive components and others can use (like libraries) which are either free or sold. But because you can see and edit the code (like Unity) it is something that can be cleaned up for production if so desired.

    Some other interesting prototyping-to-code apps are more one-way, where you design something and it just generates code as output for devs to implement. That I would be suspicious of, like classic web WYSIWYG shit code. Couple products that look like they might be good for outputting code for animations and transitions are Flow and Haiku.

    I think there is potential for a design tool that gives you the design and interactive freedom of Flash but without the proprietary code. Framer X isn't quite that, but it's getting closer.
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    @JoshBent airbnb is pretty good for devs as far as I know. Their javascript styleguide is amazing.
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