Disclaimer: searching for a self hosted Spotify alternative but haven't found one yet so suggestions are very welcome!

I really don't get how spotify's music algorithms or whatever the fuck you'd call those (you get what I mean) work.

- Whenever I click on the button which should make a song not appear in my daily mix anymore, I hear it again within a fucking day.

- how the fuck does the getting you new songs which you might like work?! I'm a huge rawstyle fan and mostly listen to, surprise surprise, rawstyle.
Then why in the living fuck keeps Spotify coming up with euphoric/melodic hardstyle tracks?! I like those sometimes but only *sometimes*.

More and more often I have to skip through 20-30+ songs to get one raw song instead of a fucking euphoric one.

Replies from their support are non existent.

It's getting so fucking annoying.

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