WTF Python!!! "Master" and "Slave" perfectly convey the concept. In the English language many words have different meanings based on their context. It's plainly obvious that no allusion to human slavery is meant in the context of software or hardware module relationships. I don't even think it is problematic. The real problem seems to be the people who are taking terms outside their intended space. Why are we linking a scar on human history to terminologies explaining technical relationships?

Then lets also ban 0 and 1 because it can offends non-binary peoples!

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    Don’t give them ideas about removing binary, no fucking computer today will be able to work.
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    Time to never use python again
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    Called it!!!


    And I agree it can't be any more idiotic. Fuck I love python and now I feel like ditching it but I can't because my project is done ontop of that fuuu.
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    @MySlugLikesSalt as long as it doesn't make Steve Rogers unhappy... Yes. What do I care how it's named?

    Edit: As long as it make sence ti someone reading the code. If you change things ti obscure names, fuck off, as long as you use something that makes sence, I don't care. But for the love of Linus, use a consistent naming scheme.
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    @MySlugLikesSalt agreed. (I've edited my answer to include that point, guess though it just crossed times while you where writing)
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    @Wack I think the main point is that terminology like "master/slave" is not written like that to be offensive, it is written to be concise. I'm not going to go out of my way to offend people, but I sure as hell am not going to change my code because someone took offense at inocuous language. Offense is taken, not given.
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    One of our developers took offense to our use of 0xDEADBEEF in the codebase, because of his religion. We use 0xDEADBEEF to mark certain internal pointers with for debugging because it's easily spotted when things go wrong. What about that is offensive? Is the thought of a dead cow offensive, because while you might not want to believe it, cows aren't immortal. I think this concept of taking offense when it wasn't intentional for the stupidest of reasons is something we should aim to keep out of our code. Code should be clear and concise in the context it is meant to be read, not obfuscated by "inoffensive" language.
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    wtf, it's not even offensive
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    @ewpratten what in the dick????
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    @Wack your username offends me, my dog was killed by a car and your username was the only thing people said that happened to him "that car wacked him yo" they said

    Please, if you are a human with a soul you will delete or at least rename your account, otherwise I'll understand you just hate all animals, and it's okay but I won't hesitate to call you an animal murdering pig.
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    I am really sorry to hear about you dogs passing, RIP. We've lost our familie dog a while back too and I know how hard it can be. Dogs are amazing companions with much to short lifespans!
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    @Wack please delete your account I'm literally in tears literally
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    @C0D4 @ganjaman @MySlugLikesSalt @milkybarkid @puppetmupp
    I don't want to tag spam you, but as fellow women respecting devs I'd like to invite you to sign my petition to get rid of the name python, since is a phallic term and in Spanish it outright means big D.

    Let's be the change, plz sign and share and support my latest rant, I also do twitch streams with cleavage for anyone wondering.

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    @JKyll Signed! Let's be the change that the world needs :P
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    @JKyll you don't need a petetition (they rarely get shit done) for susch a change, write a pull request and lead the discussion ;)
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    @Wack thats a great idea
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    @JKyll ++ for snek! 😂
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    Just wait until they find out that there a female and male Connectors
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    this whole debate reminds me of a german satire tv show about political correctness in the german language.
    in a little clip an expert group had to rewrite a christmas song to satisfy all gender/diversity/religion/etc. related offenses that were possible
    the result was so absurd, it was hilarious😂🤦
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