A non-techie just asked me this, "when your computer overheats, why does it freeze?"

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    Asking the right questions here
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    He’s brigs up a decent point, shouldn’t it be melting?
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    When you get a high fever, why the fuck do you shiver?
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    Because it measures temperature as a 8bit signed integer and if it exceeds 127°C it instantly drops to -128°C and freezes.
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    @JustKidding your name and comment are a perfect match!
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    Because "Freeze" when said to describe the state of a computer it means it stopped and in this case stopped responding. it is based on the context being used

    While when its said to describe an object that reached the temperature of becoming a frozen object then his question would be valid.
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    Because when it happens FBI comes and say "FREEZE".
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    @gitpush change your name to NotKidding please 😅
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    @mahaDev because the heat of the fever helps your immune system defend itself, and because the point of shivering is to increase body temp, you begin to shiver to further exaggerate your fever.

    Makes sense to me
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    @ThreadRipper I know the reason why we shiver AND why computers freeze.

    Just figured that if he didn't know the reason for one of them, he wouldn't know the reason for the other as well.
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    That was my question to my biology teacher ,she was speech less at that moment but now I know ans

    Our temp is higher than general body temp so we fill environment more cooler than normal health.

    Part In body behind small brain is responsible for this phenomenon
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    That's soooo wrong that's so good
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    Add it to the list of unknowables. With others such as:

    Why are there tolls on the FREEway?
    Why do we park in a drive way, but drive on a parkway?
    If they're called benefits, why do we have to pay for them?
    Why do they call unlimited internet unlimited if it isn't?
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    @mahaDev you are saying computer feels cold when it overheats?
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    @py2js maybe the overheating leaves a void where their soul used to be, and that feels cold?
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    When PC component(s) overheat the system shutdowns. Failing that, you have a serious issue.
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    @JustKidding You sir, are the chosen one.
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    Asked my mom this question. Her answer: "It's self-healing"
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    Philosoraptor is back!
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