So, no more webmasters then?

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    WebLeader from now on
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    @gitpush The Third Reich: Internet Edition?
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    @nitwhiz sort of 😀
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    @gitpush I vote for webAlpha.
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    nah.. 🧐
    webmaster has nothing to do with slavery. The master in webmaster refers to the skill. He mastered the arts of the world wide web and it's curation.
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    Sure, and I think even the most racial sensitive person will be your opinion and...Hahahahhaha. Even I cant believe what I just wrote.
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    @heyheni It's offensive to the unskilled people of the world, from now on they're called 'Web People', Blacklists and Whitelists are 'tintedlists and shadedlists', and everyone is banned from using the word, 'Dongle'.
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    Why do I hear so much about webmaster today? Have we banned this term or something? I’m not going to stop using it...
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    @nitwhiz Jawol, Meiner Webführer.
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    @FrodoSwaggins this is just retort from python removing master/slave due to being offensive... bullshit I know!
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    @Wombat "alpha" is not true.
    Reread the scientists story about it.
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    "Alpha" is a misunderstanding of people who do not accept the scientist's opinion who found the "alpha male" in the wolve groups.
    The "alpha" we know is actually just any mother or father.
    The observed obeyers where just the kids of the parent wolves.
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    No more masters of the universe :(
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    I want you to be my webmaster and I'll be your webslave 😉 /s
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    So no postmasters anymore either? @Linux @linuxxx our craft is under threat! 😰
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    @Linux it contains master after all 🙃
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    Context: When talking about people "feelings"..

    Isn't tyranny defined by when the majority must conform to the whims of the significant few?

    and isn't democracy the other way around?

    When have we degraded so much?

    Will it ever stop?
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