new rule in company

No headphones while coding

job hunting start......

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    Yeah, fuck that company.
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    Wow, that should be ilegal!
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    started finding job and i don't know how but important id passwords files going to encrypt.
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    Reminds me of a company that blocked access to stackoverflow and other platforms because the devs are getting paid to create their own solutions and should know everything they need to know without the Internet...
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    now that is true dictatorship
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    @Maximilian omg that's actually savage
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    What.. the... ever... loving... fuck
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    I have seen this before. Mate of mine wasn’t allowed to wear headphones because he shouldn’t overhear his phone or somebody asking him stuff.
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    our mobiles are already banned in office area.

    is listening music while coding or designing crime?
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    Yeah they pull this shit on me too. And I sit right near the support desk. I explain the difficulty of concentrating while next to bunch of people on the phone and they're all like "well we want to be able to get your attention from the other end of the office". Try Skype ya morons. Or better yet: avoid interrupting developers. I listen to music anyway. Not fired yet...
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    I sit with marketing dept.
    Always phone ringing.
    they are talking about designs.
    fucking other shit continue going on.
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    Finally a rant that gets my blood boiling!
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    @import-fun well it’s your employers decision and stuff. You could also ask him to provide a quiet working environment.

    I wouldn’t work at a place like that as I just love to listen all my music during work.
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    @fml89 man its simple.
    we need space to think about our code.
    I have to hear conversation's about non-related things.
    Like right now they are discussing on new tea cup shapes,Next radio ads and ..............
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    @import-fun tell them to please be considerate and to chat random stuff in your break room or just somewhere else. They are humans and I bet you speak the same language.

    I don’t want to be rude, I get that it’s annoying. They however aren’t aware of it, if you don’t tell them that it’s hindering your work.
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    Ask them if headphones are allowed while job hunting 😂
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    That is legit, hostile shizz. That's how you get into the groove. Open offices are terrible.
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    Time for a Bluetooth speaker...or a new job then lol!
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    So many good devs I know will basically *only* code well with noise cancelling headphones on. And if there's any devs that have been thinking about moving on for a while, that's probably going to be the kick they need to leave.
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    Agreed. I can generally block out noise without headphones, but I can really get going with headphones.
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    Then put extra external speaker.... 👌
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    Headphones today, something worse tomorrow. Get outta there. Not worth spending your time or energy.
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    I would love to hear the justification. Who made that decision? I wonder if he has his own office.
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    @matste they didn't have us
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    Get some compact speakers and have everybody listen to your music, if you cannot listen in private.
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    Bring in a 300W speaker, full blast on the bastard!
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    That's bullshit. Time to burn this place down.
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    Play the music out loud
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    Run fast man
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    Solution: blast heavy metal out on speaker
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    No headphones while coding? Do something else and carry on wearing them. "No boss, I'm not coding, I'm bugging the platform"
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    resignation letter submitted. :)
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    You know the drill, play despacito 8 hours straight!!
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    Maybe your boss is just passed you and others don’t notice when they change their hairstyle. It’s the small things!

    Bosses deserve attention too 🥰
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    Perfect way to remove all your best coders. Stupid managers doing stupid things
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    yup I already send them resignation letter.
    Currently I am on notice period :)

    I cracked interview in product based company too. ;)
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    I find it very difficult to focus if I'm not listening to music. I wonder how many of us are like that.
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    atleast 95% of my developer friends need their fav music or meditation music while coding.
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    @bearcatsandor I have only worked with few people but from my understanding, everyone has this thing where you focus with music, with the exception of some asians (not offending anyone). I had interns that told me they cannot use headphones in Japan or China for example, so they didn't use in the US. Also, I've seen some asians using tampons or whatever they are, just to cancel the noise , but no music at all.
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    @rui902 I think you mean earplugs. I hope you mean earplugs.
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    @M3m35terJ05h yes, i guess 😂 not native English speaker and understanding people with accent some times does these things ahah
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    What was their reasoning? Are they afraid you have an audio stream of StackOverflow feeding you all the answers?
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    Just code with the music blasting out loud.

    If someone complains simply say you aren't allowed to wear headphones and continue with your work

    Get some co-workers in on it so you aren't alone about it
    Soon enough they'll revert the change
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    @ElectricCoffee i am on notice period
    got new and better job with 60% salary hike

    ohh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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    @import-fun congrats on the new job!
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    I suffer from severe misophonia.

    I'd sue them for not accommodating my disability, collect the payout, pay my attorney and quit over the ADA violations.
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    Time to buy those noise canceling Bose headphones that look like you’re trying to fly a plane... then have your phone play something on speakerphone... something like this c++ bitshift should do: http://txti.es/bitshiftvariationsin...

    Explanation: https://youtu.be/MqZgoNRERY8

    I wrote instructions on how to get this to work on a Mac: http://txti.es/bitshiftvariationsin...
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    Play it through speakers
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    So your allowed headphones when not coding, cause then I would stop coding...
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    do you work in one of those open space offices by any chance?
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    Nion Cat out loud
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