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    Hahaha man that was a good one
  • 7 is a loopback address 192.168.0.* is a local address
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    @terraria99 local to what? The loopback would be local to the machine. The other one is a local area network.
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    @FrodoSwaggins man, chill.
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    I could be wrong but that is not a valid unicast MAC address. It needs a zero in most significant bit in the first octet (which is ordered least significant bit first)
    29 has this bit set which means it is multicast and is not his MAC address.
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    @aether this reminded me of this one particular post https://superuser.com/questions/...
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    @evalie imagine if you went to It would go back to you, because as pointed out, it's a loopback address - which is why I agree that the IP said is wrong in the context that the other person probably needs to use the address sometime.
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