Gorgeous SE215 got its cable broken? Thanks god I have a spare cable they call “Apple Earpods” and I can solder!

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    Yard sale:
    Apple AirPods. Charging case is missing, earbuds are used but like a new.

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    @irene no, not at all. That’s just myths. As soon as it’s copper, it’ll be fine
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    @irene gold sucks, but silver isn’t. Audiophile brands really sale silver cables, it seems legit because silver got lowest resistance possible, but I don’t think that shure se-215 can really show the difference between copper and silver
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    @irene yep, and it also good for soldering plates coating because there’s no need to use flux or acid then
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    Nice frankenbuds you got there. Good Job!
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    @raven thanks!
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    I've been watching so many TV shows lately I read it as S2E15
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    @ausername I wasn't the only one
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