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    Also where's a hoody and constantly types ls and tree
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    Further :
    Can make anything run while still writing it without even seeing what they write.
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    Hacks a website he never see before in 2 sec

    Also don’t forget the “I’m in”
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    Somehow they manage to do all that by running `apt get update`
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    It's pretty simple on movie, you know when someone create an app in 5minute
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    Also - Good encryption is something that means it takes you 60 seconds to access the data, rather than instantly.

    If you want unbreakable encryption, that's called "Isomorphic triple quantum lock tunnelled encryption" or similar.
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    I guess female programmers in reality are actually less common than seen in movies.
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    Except Bandersnatch .... Bandersnatch portrays the ideal programmer... *Choose* "pour tea over keyboard or yell at dad",
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    @devTea Also the 'I'm in' needs to be said in a gruff batman voice
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    */Watches MR.Robot and is happy/*
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    What, I don't see the problem it works fine for me. That's how I do it. 🤔

    Hahahahahhaha then get out the sledgehammer. 🤪🤪😵😵
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    @Haxk20 you just commented out your entire codebase.
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    I love these comments. 🤣🤣
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