That's how recursion works

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    News stories starting with "Florida man ..." are always mind-boggling 🤣
    Is it the sunshine that changes those people's minds?
    This man was obviously a Lv.1 Crook trying to become a Lv.35 Boss.
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    MrBeast did it first
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    There should be a news site called "Florida man news".
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    How tragic.. I mean after he survived hot McDonald's coffee and abusing his car's cruise control as autopilot.
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    Is there really a microwave big enough to fit even the smallest microwaves?
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    @hell thats the real question!
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    Florida man strikes again.

    I'd love to go living there. For sure, it'd be the best (funniest) experience of my life
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    I dont think it would explode like that...

    Most of that dmg comes propably from the fire
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    TBH, Florida is no different from any other state in weirdness. But, like Australia, it has been an example of a snowball effect when it comes to a certain set of earlier stories going viral at the same time and thus setting the stage for peoples’ perceptions down the road. But I’ll take lounging at the beach in January any day. The fewer people who want to be here, the better.
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    @stackodev I totally disagree I think the tropical climate can bring on a type of behavior you don’t find in other states. When I live in NYC people were always ruder on the street and subway due to their frustrations with the heat.
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    "Florida man..." oh my, brace yourselves
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    dockerizing docker daemon?
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