This would be funny if it wasn't supposed to show the amount on my bank account.

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    And what If it is not an error?
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    @altermind Than I'm really sad. 💸
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    ...assign some money to that man!
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    Sir, have "Stäng" amount of money.
    So much money is dangerous. That's why there is a warning symbol.
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    @Yeah69 "Stäng" is close in swedish... same with the ad on the bottom, "Not satisfied with your interest?"
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    If the bank doesn't know what you have, you can go enjoy that new MacBook Pro !
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    It's actually an integer underflow because you are so poor?
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    tunga livet...
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    Stop outsourcing to Finland you little Swedish rascal haha
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    So, that means you are a Nillionaire!
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    You know, this could also be because the money amount is stored as an integer and it can't handle the 6 digit number that is trying to be returned...

    Positive thinking!
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    It looks bad :D
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