Seriously, look at this guy’s bloody phone. He’s not letting go of it, it’s been like this for ages. He’s got missing pieces of glass above the lcd, there are cracks all over, sellotape all over. At some point you gotta realise it’s affecting the user experience.

If you don’t want to get a new phone, at least have the screen replaced!!

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    Looks fine to me
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    Hey, that's my goddamn phone!
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    What's wrong with it? Apart from that tiny annoying crack I mean..
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    @irene Even then you have two kidneys. And it looks like an iPhone 4. So by now he should be able to sell some more organs for an upgrade
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    It perfectly matches the case that's used as a support.
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    I'll fix it for free. I've got a iPhone 4s screen.
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    I wonder how he makes phone calls with that thing.

    Notice a bloody ear recently?
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    @korrat it's a 5S, note the fingerprint sensor
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    this is iphone.
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    @RantSomeWhere Lol. Who ever puts their phone in their front pocket?! Seriously...
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    When the screen lights up you can’t see the cracks anymore.. problem solved 😆
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    Ad on eBay be like: "few scratches on screen".
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    If it works, don't touch it
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    @c3ypt1c I’m sure he’d be fine if I told him I took a photo of his phone while he was not at his desk and shared it with an online community so I could take the piss out of him and now someone has offered to fix it for free. 😂.
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    @sam21s if it’s broke, fix it ðŸĪŠ
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    @ddephor you see the pattern then.
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    @korrat this guy definitely has the money to fix it. Bare in mind he’s near retirement age, so I think it’s a conscious decision to keep it as long as it works based on his ‘traditional values’ @sam21s.

    Makes me wonder, are we too spoilt, unappreciative for what we have? Or are we simply just looking for comfort??
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    Plot twist:
    It's actually just his background image.
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    It is about apple denying that some of them fail due to the obvious design flaw that decreases their chances of survival. For that price you should expect professionaly made product not a phone that was rushed and build out of cheap materials just to milk the people.
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    @Gregozor2121 if your referring to the iPhone 6, was there a design flaw? Yes, of course. Rushed and cheap materials? Of course not.
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    @FrodoSwaggins Plastic android phones also cost a lot lot less than iPhones.
    I actually prefer buying anew device every 2 years. Doesn't cost too much, and you get most recent features and OS.
    If I bought an iPhone, I would have to use it for 4-5 years. Unbearable
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    @FrodoSwaggins My plastic playskool android soon has its sixth birthday and it looks like new. The problem is the user, not the device.
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    @-AJ- iphone4 design flaw (signal)
    Iphone6 design flaw (bendin)
    Ipad 3(?) design flaw (if you while charging the battery keeps going down)
    Macbook butterfly keyboard design flaw
    Not bad for the price they ask for, the think they blame their users, don't admit the flaw and maybe they'll fix it only in next device (that you have to buy for full (over) price of course)... Oh that's quality that lasts
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    Oh boy.

    @dontbeevil I didn’t said Apple products are flawless, never mentioned their business practices, nor did I say their products are cheap.
    I simply disagreed that the iPhone design is rushed and uses cheap materials.
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    @-AJ- don't know why i mentioned you, was not supposed to ðŸĪ”
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    His screen is just like the heart of Tim Cook! Broken and partially missing!
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