Aight devs, let's start a war.

Throw at me your best UI framework yet.

Anything (except game engines), cross platform preferable.

++ for why and how easy/hard to learn.

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    Python, supports plenty of platforms, mobile and desktop
    One of the easiest to learn, even for those who don't know oop which is required for most gui frameworks
    Very versatile
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    Will I be thrown into Tartarus for suggesting a web based thing?
    Anyway, both QtWebEngine and Chromium Embedded Framework allow you to write apps embedding a browser and use web tech (ye olde html, CSS, JS) to write the UI.

    I prefer QT Framework for UI in general. C++, Cross platform, industry supported, big community etc.
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    - Lots of features
    - Uses nice and performant C++ with ports to many other languages
    - Powerful tools for UI design
    - Immense amount of features
    - Surprisingly easy to create your own widgets
    - Featureful
    - Excellent documentation (*cough* Tk)
    - Did I mention the sheer number of features it has?

    - Retarded licensing scheme
    - Extreme OOP can make code very verbose and hard to read
    - Arguably a little bloated, depending on your needs
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    Cross-platform C# desktop apps development
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    @h4xx3r how widely supported is it?
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    @Codex404 it's of fresh\ongoing development, based on the latest net core framework. So it's up to you to judge if it does fit your needs.

    Ps: you develop in visual studio with graphics
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    GWT 🍿
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    Azul for Rust. Or if that's too high level, then GTK
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    @h4xx3r how is rider support?
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    Console or service applications. The best UI is no UI, no pesky end users that mess up your beautiful code logic.
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    @HisAxelency agreed, and better performance!
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    Pro: It's hard

    Con: It's hard
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    @c3ypt1c I’d say it’s relatively simple. But I do like Tkinter a lot. It should get more credit.
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    @Codex404 what is rider support? O.o
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    Rider is a Jetbrains .NET IDE. It's fairly new so it doesn't support everything yet.
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    @HisAxelency Rider supports xaml graphics making?
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    You can create WPF/UWP projects in it, it doesn't have a real form editor like VS does though. You can just edit the XAML manually. At least, that was the case last time I checked (4 months ago).

    Rider is focussed on cross platform .Net development.
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    @h4xx3r as far as I know they do support WPF. Though I have not tried it yet will check to be sure.
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    @HisAxelency o.O I'm not a XML master, I need a preview of the final outcome.
    That's a game stopper for me.
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    @h4xx3r @HisAxelencyI checked and it does have a visual XAML editor.

    The reason why i prefer Rider is its multiplatform. Linux included.
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    Guess I'll have to tinker around a little with it later today :D.
    Last time I checked it wasn't there yet, but as I said, that was a few months ago.
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    @HisAxelency according to their blog it was added around october 2018
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    @jurion ? QT works fine on high dpi devices
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    Anything with XAML from MS is really good IMHO. This is wpf/uwp/Xamarin.
    Only the last one is kinda portable.
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