I'm wondering - do developers have similar hobbies outside of IT?

For example, my main hobbies are:
- Brewing Beer
- Distilling Spirits
- Drinking copius amounts of alcohol to numb the pain of being a developer
- Gardening / Horticulture
- Martial Arts

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    I watch sports.

    Like a lot of sports.

    As in my TV rarely leaves sports channels and I've got 2-5 sports apps on my phone at any given time.
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    I like to bike to the most random places. Music on, sun on your face. Lovely.
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    I pull out the lego... or my robots.
    one could say I enjoy building things.
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    @C0D4 I've still got the big ass tub of Legos I had as a kid.

    I need to bring them to my apartment lol
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    Lifting, music, playing the drums, vidya (obviously), and grilling. I also enjoy bourbon and whiskey more than i should, but hey thats all good.
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    @C0D4 I still got so much lego from my childhood, i always wished lego for birthday and christmas. I even remember i got my mom to buy me some in the airport close to "legoland". Best part of my childhood ever, even the folks i am going to my education with are still into lego, we even have a lego channel on our discord. I should def, getting back into lego.
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    I'm looking at getting the lego boost, and have the best of both worlds πŸ˜…


    But I recommend pulling it out from time to time and enjoying the little things in life.
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    @C0D4 It was def, the best thing about growing up in denmark.
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    I am a foodie, my hobbie is eating stuff. I also like to travel on my scooty (ugh i wish we had a bike) and play cricket. Plus i like to wish staying fitπŸ˜…
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    I watch lots of sitcoms!!
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    Cooking, games, reconfiguring my computers, plants, mythology, deciding the fate of the human race, solving difficult large-scale problems and planning companies to address them, etc.

    Mostly just chasing children though.
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    I like punk music, learning natural languages and fishing.
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    I dislike all your hobbies,
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    - building and driving motorbikes

    - Gaming & esports

    - Member of fire brigade
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    My hobbies are
    Virtual reality
    3D printing
    Making girls uncomfortable
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    I'm a mixed martial arts student :)
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    In my spare time I play video games and watch nerdy YouTube videos.

    I'm a walking stereotype.
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    Beer, gigs, playing guitar, tattooing, drawing, beer, cycling, cooking, tv series, beer, cinema, reading, beer
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    I shoot people with 6mm plastic balls (Airsoft) and repair airsoft replicas
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    After work I make my own game engine and game. Just for fun and learn something interesting :)
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    Obviously. Lifting, running, watch football and bang out Apex + rocket league. Ranked ykwis.
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    No one mentioned chess yet. I play a lot of chess in my free time.
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    Gaming (RPG, story-driven)
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    - Gaming(Multiplayer only/competition based stuff)
    - Going to Parties. Drugs n stuff. Although rarely.
    - Magic the Gathering Standard paper
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    I like to try new things and then complain about stuff without being an ass about it.
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    OK i deleted previous comments to make this one.

    Things i have as hobby:

    Building hardware shit. Anything thats exciting.

    3D printing and modding them to hell and slightly contributing to Marlin.

    Coding of course.

    Roller skates (Rocker setup. 90mm and 84mm yeah yeah dont hate me).

    Porting android and those releated things.

    Contributing to opensource projects is always fun.
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    - my son
    ... If there is any time left, sleeping
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    @Rikan hobbies are things you enjoy doing and do on a regular basis.

    Your son isnt a hobby. Playing with your son can be a hobby
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    @Codex404 Oh, sorry, let me fix it:

    - playing with my son
    ... If there is any time left, sleeping
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