New Guy Day 2: He has deleted the git repo on the project he was assigned to 4 times, written a recursion formula that crashed a server, & knocked my coffee cup onto the floor.

I messaged my boss telling him I am going to hide the body in his trunk.

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    Make sure he's not 3 midgets pretending to be a developer
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    Remember that you once were The New guy.
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    Our intern always messes with his local git repos like no one else, I cared for the first 10 times, now I just ignore him talking on the background
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    Mr. Bean in the house?
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    On a more serious note, maybe training sessions are required? I'm discovering through this forum (to my utter bewilderment) that many developers don't use version control. Is it because it's not a part of any curriculum they might have taken?
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    @youprat pretty much. I know he's gonna need training it's just annoying waiting for the boss to come to this realization. Or you know he could ask for help. That would be nice too.
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    @TheFallenKnght Yes. That he should do.
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    @youprat this. Proper Version control is very important and feels good when it's time to use it. I wanted to use a git repo to manage a "group project" in my college but others were adamant on not using it because it is "confusing" and "nobody uses this". Yeah.
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