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devRant presents:

Many users in devRant use Windows but then the "Arch Linux Alliance" short ALA came together to invade devRant. After some weeks, the small group FedB ("Fedora Bureau") also joined the OS Wars. When the release of Ubuntu 16.10 was near the UBO ("UbuntuBestOS Alliance") joined and was near to victory, because dpkg was faster than ever before. But then the macOS Defenders woke up. They finally finished the upgrade to Sierra and tried to fight the other OSes. They wanted to attack with their package manager, but that attack failed. After days of war Windows crashed while updating, which made it unoperational. They called it Blue Screen. After windows gave up, the other groups realized, that they are all built with the same base. They called it Unix. They grouped up (except macOS, because they just want to make money) and discovered the remains of Windows. They found a software named "Ubuntu bash for Windows". Everyone in the group was angry, because UBO teamed up with Windows. They destroyed UBO and continued.

To be continued.
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    1. GNU/Linux != a unix.
    2. Eh, writing's a bit dry for me, not enough flavour to it all.
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    It would have been better if you explained things more slowly...
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    No. The whole part about Apple is wrong
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    Why don't we form a POSIX compliant alliance and get Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD (and other Berkeley clones) to team up with OS X?
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