PO: Here's a small cool feature I thought of, should be easy enough *shows very basic draft spec*
Me: Cool, how does it work for logged out users? What about customers in Spain? Does it work with US sales tax? Do we need to update the privacy policy? Do we have translations? What's the fallback if it breaks? Who will be maintaining the content?
PO: ...
PO: I'll get back to you

*never hears about feature again*

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    PO ”Killed it”
    Dev ”KILLED IT”
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    @Ubbe yes I'm not one to dismiss projects due to complexity and I agree we should develop with a problem-solving mindset.

    The point I was trying to make is that "small" projects POs bring to the table initially seem small because they haven't thought them through properly 😄
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    Atleast your PO had the decency to tell he will 'get back' implying that he might figure out some solutions for these.
    My CEO on the otherhand expects me to come up with all the possible solutions, if i point out any issues like this, I always get the 'you are too negative ' card 😡😡
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