We don't have a designer yet in the team so we had to learn Adobe XD on the side to prototype our ideas. After months of getting the hang of it thinking this semi-free tool will work for us to save some money, Adobe decides to change their pricing plans starting in April 2020 and it will no longer be free. It feels like Adobe trapped us to get used to their platform and then secretly slap us with a price tag halfway. We can't blame them since we're all trying to put food on the table here. We started exploring Figma today and oh boy was it a gift from the gods! The features are so much better. They make our workflow faster!

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    yeah figma is great for team collaboration.

    You may be interested in this youtube series about improving ux on existing websites. Very informative.
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    What in the unholy fuck!!

    I got to check this out.

    Weird, nothing about paid on adobe, let's google for it

    Ooh ok, they changed free to free with restraints, that's not so bad then.

    This free plan is available to anyone and includes Adobe XD, 2 GB of Cloud Storage, Adobe Fonts (Basic Library), up to 1 shared cloud document with up to 2 editors, and up to 1 active shared prototype or design spec. Anyone with an Adobe ID, Enterprise ID, or Federated ID can also get the Starter plan.
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