Which MySQL Client (GUI) do you use on linux?

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    Autodots, roll out!
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    Phpmyadmin or JetBrains DataGrip.
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    @netikras i remember, we had this conversation already.:D

    To the others: Thanks, gonna try them out.
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    Mysql workbench, dbeaver,
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    @nitwhiz ywah. we've already come to a conclusion that it's THE BEST. IDK why you're asking the same question again :D
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    @netikras i completely forgot about it tbh :D
    I've only checked out the website.
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    @netikras "not navicat is the best" - person who hasn't used navicat
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    DataGrip is god
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    I always liked the cmd line client better
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    It took a long time to get used to it, but it get's better with each version.

    Might explore Data Grip...

    Navicat was a nightmare, imho.

    MySQL Workbench can be useful, but is as reliable as Navicat. When it decides to die, it usually dies with as much collateral damage as possible (Mem leak, corrupted auto save SQLs, lingering DB Connections....)
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    Phpmyadmin, its not great but it works well enough for me
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    I don't 😄 (but then, I don't use MySQL much)
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    @IntrusionCM I was the same way DBeaver takes some getting use to but it has some really nice features (e.g. tasks) plus it handles all the different types of databases I regularly access.
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    adminer ftw !
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    @jonsnowstorm I checked the website. It looks ducking ugly. Why do you think it is worth recommending?
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