What type of processor will run Visual Studio Community and perform instant no delay compiles? Apparently 3.9Ghz Quad Core with 16GB of DDR4 3600mhz RAM isn’t enough. What will make things snappy?

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    Get a server rack full of threadrippers/EPYC I guess.

    Sell it as a service too for paying the extreme debt too.
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    Visual Studio instantly compiling? Haha, maybe if you could ask NASA to borrow their computer...
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    Isn't a lot of the time due to io? Reading and writing files?
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    Use an SSD, even a SATA one is far better than an hdd. Make sure it's not a cacheless ssd though.
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    My java projects compile in like a second 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
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    Mount it Info RAM
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    Another 16 GB of RAM and use an SSD
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    Write .net core and compile from terminal in less than a second on a budget cell phone.
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    SSDs made a huge diff for me. Also, are your compiler settings correct for parallel build and full cpu support?
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    Also, add exception to Windows Defender for the dev directories. Defender likes to scan the shit outa that stuff when you are compiling slowing things down.
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    @endor I’m using an M.2 NVMe drive.
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    Really depends how big the project you want to compile is, downloading the orchard repo and try building that
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    Your specs though shouldn’t be that bad really though to run vs
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    @catgirl have you tried the "detailedBuildSummary" switch too?

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    8 to 16 core, 32Gb to 64Gb of RAM would probably help some.

    Carefully choose your SSD drive(s), since they can vary quite a bit in their performance.

    For example, the El'Cheap'O SSD drive I got for peanuts, is twice as fast as my old 10,000rpm HD, but there are models 5 times faster !

    Just they cost a fair bit more..

    Running what you can in a RAM disk can speed things up. (Though SSD might be faster than RAM..)

    Another thing I do to help is spread the load among several SSD's, eg.

    C: Operating System

    D: Applications installed. (Eg. Visual Studio, baring in mind, it can be difficult to install it successfully anywhere but C:..)

    E: Application work files. (Eg. your source code.)

    F: Swap file if using Windows OS.

    And carefully choose your motherboard which is compatible with the SSD's you are using, because many are not !

    And, careful choice of CPU. (I think Intel ones are becoming patch crippled ?)
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    I might imagine write speed for SSD's to be an important variable.

    I notice with mine there can be quite a queue of items waiting to be written at times !
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    @Nanos yeah, ramdisk could work too.
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