Udemy strikes again with their amazing courses..

So many things wrong in this image that I don't even want to start..

Seriously, who teaches people to write code like that?

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    Sadly, every "insert poor country here" dev I've ever known does this. All 66 of those probably could have been 1 query too.
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    Think the most disturbing thing about all of this is that course costs 14,99€
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    @myss dont worry until "educated" devs start doing this after such courses.

    some days, i used to cry from a days work
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    Only the best best learnings from quora, C# corner and tutorialspoint. You can buy today itself for only €14,99lakh. The best MySQL programmer you will be after reading this course, isn't it?
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    Is that for sure a screenshot from the course or just a stock photo? If it's just a stock photo there's no need to get this asshurt over it. Otherwise if it's in the course then yea ok riot.
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    People who want job security 😂
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    My teacher did the same once.

    I'll honestly never fucking forgive him for that, the course should long be able to work out a solution with arrays and loops to make it look more presentable.
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    @sqlkid I think the image is just a reflection of the missing require("") 's throughout the file instead of using auto loading or config bound includes.
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    @Stuxnet That shouldn't even be used as stock photo. How hard is it to make a screenshot of good code, provided they even have some?
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    I don't understand why people always assume that MySQL == PHP.

    You ask a question about a query on StackOverflow, and got ten people answering with bad PHP scripts.

    Not all Udemy courses are bad though, I've followed quite a few which were worth the €10. Checking the ratings and preview video is important though.
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    @Fast-Nop Stock photos are literally not supposed to get this deep mate.

    It's a got damn picture for an ad not a fucking textbook example. Jesus Christ.
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    @Stuxnet That was my point. Why using a bad stock photo at all? Stock photos are crap in general, but especially when they misrepresent one's product.

    What is the problem with making a screenshot of good code? Is that already too difficult of a task for the Udemy folks?
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    @Fast-Nop Because it's about the target audience. Someone who gets that this is bad isn't their target audience in the first place and will (or should) ignore it.
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    @Stuxnet That's like Toyota running an ad for Toyota that promotes a stock photo of a rusty old Lada. Never seen this, for good reasons.
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    @Fast-Nop this is bloody pointless damn.

    I'm done here y'all keep bitching over a fucking picture if you want, but that's stupid as fuck.
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    @Fast-Nop it's the whole "ooh pretty code" for a dumb ass that's never seen code before - type of ad, not a "listen here you advance mother fucker, come learn how to wrangle a mysql database instead of your trendy nosql bullshit" kind of ad.
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    @C0D4 bingo.

    Their target audience, as I've said already, isn't one that's gonna understand shit. That's literally the whole point of udemy. It's to trick suckers into buying shitty tutorials that are surface level.
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    @Stuxnet hey... their python course wasn't to bad, mind you I've never bought a course and only grab the "limited" *cough* bullshit sales that make them free.
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    @C0D4 yea I used a few free ones for web design that were meh. An afternoon on YouTube and W3Schools would have been just as beneficial. But it was free so it's not that bad. I'd be triggered if I paid for it 😂
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    It would be MUCH BETTER to just show the mysql client console:
    mysql> USE mysql_book;
    Switched to mysql_book

    mysql> SELECT section, title FROM toc WHERE promotional IS NOT NULL;
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    At least it has a close at the end
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    "Seriously, who teaches people to write code like that?!"

    it's right there in the ad, buddy: udemy.
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    Tutorial about mysql.
    The picture only showcases PHP code.
    PHP code that makes use of an ultra-deprecated extension.
    Very dubious functionality being accomplished by said code.

    The only scenario I can imagine that code is useful (still not advisable in any way though) is in some kind of cron job that needs to be executed every X days/months to move data across databases.

    There are no good pure SQL tutorials that go beyond basic crud queries. I mean, you almost never ever need to know anything else besides that but still.
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    @nitnip not true. Real life example: doing data science on a big data warehouse/datalake
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