Today we were all called into a meeting and the CEO was livid. He went on a rage about how the CTO was wasting money on useless shit (GitHub Enterprise). He said I bought laptops for a reason if there’s a fire someone better protect our assets and code. He wouldn’t reason with us and went into github and deleted everything. The CTO was fired and no one is leading our team. Wondering if I should quit 😶

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    Yes, just quit. Such a CEO can’t be good. But look for a new job before you quit 😉.
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    Watch as he starts hiring spineless yes men and slowly makes stupid changes, like measuring performance based on lines of code written.
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    Wtf, he deleted code he paid for? This sounds like professional suicide, he's deffo not mentally stable..
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    Awarded : Worst CEO of the year
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    Let me put this plainly: That's not just a bad CEO, the guy is unhinged, unstable, useless, moronic, deluded (and those are some of the more gentle words I can think of.)

    There is no way a CEO like that can *ever* make a successful company. Hit the job market hard if you haven't already - contact recruiters, get your CV out there, and look to leave ASAP.
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    Banning the only collaboration tool that really matters? If he makes emotional decisions without any knowledge, the company he runs is doomed. I would call him a fucking idiot and quit on the spot.

    How the hell do you run a software company without git? Does he make similar snap judgements with the legal department, too?

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    Dooms day came sooner than expected
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    @mr-user Worst CEO of the year, so far :D
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    Maybe he didn't even understand the difference between github.com and Github Enterprise? I mean, firing a CTO for storing code on github.com, even in "private" repos, would be completely justified.
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    The choices are quit or be fired. Either way your opportunity is done at that company, you're burned by association.
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    Oh, it seems like he understood. One has a bill, one doesn't 😘
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    Github enterprise is 2500 dollars a year for 10 users. This seems like a reasonable cost. I would leave for different reasons it sounds like things are not going well financially if 2.5k puts him over the edge.

    In any case this is hilarious to an outsider it’s like firing a construction foreman for buying a backhoe when everybody has shovels and should use those since it’s cheaper.

    The cheap comes out expensive sometimes my friend.
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    True, though we run autoscale ecs + serveless gitlab for $250/month for 50 users. A little effort in self-hosting can pay dividends if you hire capable humans.
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    Isn't there supposed to be a meeting
    Present possible solutions at hand
    Draft way forward

    Not just wake up and press the red button
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    "You've just deleted uncountable hours of work, and it's gonna be our fault too. Fuck this company, fuck you, i'm outta here, don't bother calling."
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    @Taqsblaz3 the utter genius of this CEO is truly incredible
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    And that's how you kill a company 😅
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    @SortOfTested capable humans have a price too
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    They do, it cost roughly 2.5 hours in setup. My SRE team is worth it 😘
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    Git out ... Git out ... Git out what is complicated
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    If any of the board members has any common sende, they should fire that idiot, he shouldnt be the head of a company acting like a baby, especially in a tech company.
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    Geez! Red flags are waving here. Should look for greener grass!
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    Take a sick leave and find a new job.
    Nothing to be done here.
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    The CEO must be a
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    What a POS!
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    Run. Run to the exit right now.
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    I can only imagine the additional fallout from deleting the repos..
    Run... run very far away from that place as soon as you have another job. That place is going to burn if it’s not already.
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    lol. Set the company on fire before you leave 😀 Just in case
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    CHEESE IT 🏃‍♀️
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    And also GitHub is a safe haven for code... what a fucking arse your CEO is. Tell me, how did his business last this long??
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    The real question is why does the CEO have access to it in the first place.
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