What do you think about the new Touch Bar Apple introduced with their latest MacBook Pro? Please objective answers only! I am considering buying the device (after years of using windows!!)

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    I really feel they reached the bar with this modification....
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    It has no escape key, so if you do any standard unix work, or you use a unix editor (vi/emacs), its probably not the best!

    Get a decent laptop and put linux on it!
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    As a Mac user for 5+ years, and as someone who's in the market for a new MacBook Pro, the new ones are overpriced. Specs are decent, but not good enough to justify the outlay.

    Get a 2015 refurb or something old stock from Costco or wherever in the January sales.
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    @SirusAmory but it is the same price as those (when they were sold) is it not worth it? I was considering the 15 inch model. And what do you mean by outlay? :)
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    @aki237 I understand and can confirm your point.. Do you think its something to get used to? And I prefer 15 inch so in that case I would have to buy a macbook with pretty old hardware.. :(
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    As someone who's never owned an Apple computer before I think it's an awesome device.

    But not even remotely worth the money. I mean even the Surface Book is cheaper, and that thing is a tablet with digitizer at the same time.
    If it was 600€ cheaper I'd consider it, but nah. I'll just wait for the next XPS 13, hoping it'll have more than one USB Type-C port.
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    Just buy a DELL XPS Sputnik instead.
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    @antons outlay == cost. Sorry, bad terminology on my part.

    Don't know where in the world you are, but the new 15" MacBook pro's are way more expensive than last years were in the U.K. And by goijg for a refurb or old stock, you'll get a further discount. Wait for Black Friday or such and you'll get an even better deal.

    But as the other guys here have said, unless you're developing for Mac OS or IOS, you might be better getting an XPS or similar and going the Linux route.

    All depends what you're going to use it for. Personally I have little use for the touch bar, but find I'm more productive in MacOS as opposed to Linux. Though if I'm doing anything intensive (security and penetration testing) I swap over to Linux (specifically Kali)
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    It's a gimmick. I wonder why the fuck they don't go with touch screen monitor. Also with touch bar, i guess more work to do if developing for macos
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    @aki237 @deadlyRants @SirusAmory I want macOS haha, I have considered Linux ofcourse. The dell XPS is indeed an awesome device, but it also comes with a high price. Here in the netherlands its comparable to the macbook's price. Buying one of the older models just seems silly tho.. maybe I should settle for the 13 inch without the touch bar, but then I would sacrifice specs for it..
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    @antons what are you using the machine for? Cause if it's just coding and web browsing, then my 2010 with upgraded SSD still pulls its weight just fine. Personally, I'd buy a 2015 model. It'll still last you a good 5 years before you need to upgrade, and you aren't paying more simply because there's a fancy new doodad on it.
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    @SirusAmory mostly coding, I do really multitask and plan to attach a monitor to it..
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    @SirusAmory I can get it tax free, does that change anything for your opinion?
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    For such a price I would go with a Razor laptop. Definitely, if you have graphics card requirements
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    @honeyBadgerJeff im not looking to play games :) Razer is also overpriced, but in this case Im looking for macOS, I find it more pleasant to develop on
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    @antons yes, some games are a thing for me. I was speaking personally and I was thinking of using implementations of neural nets that run parallel in gpu :p. Much much faster. But depends on the use you want to give it of course
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