Which privacy-respecting email provider can you recommend? It seems that the following three are the best options:

- tutanota (0€ / 12€)
- posteo (12€)
- mailbox.org (12€)

Do you have any experience with them?
What do you think about a hosted email service with your own domain?

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    I can recommend hosting your own mail server.
    If that's not good with you though, posteo is nice.
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    @kescherRant I think hosting your own comes with a lot of headaches, doesn't it? While I like poking around, I'm not a sysadmin.
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    I’m using ProtonMail
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    @PappyHans I thought about it as well, but the free tier is very limited and the price for the plus plan is quite steep (48€/y).
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    Using ProtonMail for few years now I have to say that I never had a problem. To me it’s worth the money. Again when I was researching a good few years ago there wasn’t as many options available. Try them out and see what works best for you
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    @saucyatom I rarely ever touch my mail server. I occasionally update some security settings and allowed TLS versions, but that's about it.
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    @saucyatom i use protonmail and tutanota, both do their respective jobs.

    I find protonmail's app a lot more user friendly though.
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    I've been using Mailbox.org for quite some time and am happy. They support custom domain, IMAP/POP3, etc.
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    After using it for years and seeing it evolve, I think it's the best.

    The thing that makes it the best is that it's continuously improving...

    I highly rate to explore the settings... It's - compared to other solutions - amazing how much they have to offer.
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    Using tutanota premium! And have been for years now. They listen to their users a lot and have a great support team. I chose it over protonmail since protonmail has been accused of voluntarily helping law enforcement (although not proven), they've used reCaptcha for a while and required phone number at signup for a long time.
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    @SevenDeadlyBugs There's a difference between that and voluntarily; https://securityweek.com/protonmail...

    (again, can't confirm this)
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    I use migadu.com beeing a swiss company it looked reasonable safe to me

    Also not paying per mailbox/domain is a huge plus imho
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    @linuxxx I guess it shouldn't surprise us when they take money from the EU.
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    Nothing beats hosting your own.
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    Give mailcow a try.
    Its docker(-compose) with all the components isolated into containers forming the mail system.

    Official homepage:
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    so how exactly does "secure email" and "email encryption" work?

    assuming of course normal people don't just send email to other people hosted on the same service...

    or if that's the case then how can the service operator be trusted more than an in-house solution?
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    @IntrusionCM also I know that my email is encrypted, if you long out and follow the reset password options you can do longer decrypt your old email.
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    I like tutanota a lot - plus I was able to get a short and easy e-mail, which is pretty rare nowadays.
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    Havent ran out of free protonmail in the last 3 years
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    Roundcube aeurgh
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