Normal people dream about shit before they go to sleep.

I, on the other hand, try to formulate a hypothesis that I'm already stuck on for 3 business days, thereby giving myself anxiety, henceforth failure to sleep.

I'm just perfect! 👌🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

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    It sounds stupid, but hear me out.

    If I pretend to be asleep, I actually fall asleep real quick. True... Anxiety and overthinking are bitches, but for the most part it's been working
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    @Lyym remember we had a discussion about why meditation makes my anxiety worse? Same reason applied here.
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    @M1sf3t need an expert for the weed, cuz the paranoia really ain't fun.
    Ecstasy is also out. Not doing that. I have enough dangerous ideas on a redbull and a few drinks. So no thanks!
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    @M1sf3t real talk tho, I don't need substances. I need hugs and other lame humane shit, which let's be honest I'm not gonna get any time soon. #covid_is_shit
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    @M1sf3t and who said I want to deal with shit? 😛

    Current anxiety is related to deadlines. If the deadlines go away, the anxiety goes away.
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    @M1sf3t ayyyyyyyyyyee am not on antidepressants. 😜
    (it's not that bad yet)
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    Are you still having problem @NoMad?

    I thought you said going outside and joining random class fix your problem.

    If it is get worse and you want to talk to random person, I can give you my discord. I am not a professional and maybe a lot younger than you.

    Personally if you want to talk to random people , maybe @Root or @SortOfTested is better since they are both female.

    I hope you fix your problem soon.
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    Here’s what helps me, in order:

    Progress on stressor projects
    Attention and affection
    Creature comforts
    Distractions (to relax and refresh)

    Things that don’t help:

    Someone telling me it’s okay
    People trying to help
    Demands on my time when I’m already overworked
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    My problem is not not-knowing what helps.
    My problem is not being able to do things that help.

    I didn't ask for advice. I just ranted. That's all. Let's make fun of my misery, laugh about it and go our mary ways.
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    @mr-user 🤔🤔🤔 I never joined random classes. Who are you mistaking me with?
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    @Root I do not see Rum anywhere in your list 😜
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    Aaaaaaand it's almost 5AM. Time to give up on sleep!
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    @NoMad Derp. I’m in problem-solving mode. Sorry.

    Anxiety is horrible.
    No matter how productive I am, no matter how much my boss or coworkers like me, every time I have a job I’m worried as hell that I’m going to get fired. I can’t make the voice quiet, and absolutely nothing actually helps. The only momentary peace I get is when I finish some monster project way ahead of schedule. But that only makes them expect more out of me next time, so if I don’t meet those new, higher expectations... it’s back to worrying about getting fired again.

    Irrational anxiety is irrational.
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    @Root oh, I can introduce you to another : and when you finish ahead of time, maybe you've done something wrong or misunderstood some requirement so now it's time for you to dig through that mofo requirement spec and double interpret the living shit out of everything! 😁
    Have fun!
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    @M1sf3t It’s a typical guy thing (and developers doubly so) to try to fix or give advice for everything instead of just listening.

    It’s also annoying as hell.
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    Usually this puts me to sleep in <3 minutes :/ i hate it bcz I do need that hypothesis
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    @NoMad News flash: Don't ever take advice that contains the words "take some [insert random drug]. It will help you with your [insert mental problem]. Source: This fucking guy in the picture.
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    @M1sf3t Yes, a licensed psychiatrist is the only thing you should ever suggest to someone who is dealing with mental problems. We are human beings and we rely on social interaction to live. Most of the time our anxiety, ... just comes from not talking about our problems to someone that really cares. Just venting, not fixing. But please don't ever suggest drugs, my guy. Not. Good.
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    @M1sf3t I think you are confusing me with someone else now, I never talked to you before
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    @M1sf3t Wtf are you on about? I have only heard of devrant the first time a couple of weeks ago. I am guessing you are not only in a bad mood but kind of delusional? I suggest laying of what ever funky shit you are taking
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    @Mark-Zuckerberg what are you on? Some nixonian ideals? There's nothing fundamentally wrong with drugs as medication any more than with prescribed meds (as they are drugs, too, except capitalist approved). However, I agree with the many here that human interaction often is the best help, be it friends or a licensed psych.
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    @100110111 of course there is something wrong with drugs (and with meds to dumb you down too, i never said meds = good). You get drugs from that shady dude at the street corner, watered down shit stretched with oregano and that is supposed to help with mental problems? Go seek some professional help from people that have actually studied humans and don't rely on stuff that will put you right in the bin. Mental problems + drugs = more mental problems. Like giving an alcoholic a beer because "it will open his mind and root out his problems". Gtfo I lost friends like that
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    @Mark-Zuckerberg I'm not going to argue with you about this. I'm sorry you've lost friends to drugs+mental issues combo. Explains the attitude. However, I absolutely cannot let this slide: taking drugs to help with mental issues is not a pure function, as in it does not neccesarily lead to more mental health issues. If you do take drugs to for mental health, you absolutely have to know what you're doing (and also, never ever buy stuff from that shady fella in that grim alley, just don't). And I also agree, that even if you know what you're doing and what you're doing is actually helping, it's not an all-encompassing solution: I would encourage talking to someone, too, wether it be a licensed psych or a friend, or a stranger..
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    @100110111 I like your view on this subject
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    been there, did that.. it helped me alot to leave work at work and strictly not to talk about work with my gf :-)
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    For me......
    Thinking about work calms me....and then I’m able to sleep....
    Not Thinking about work — implying thinking about ANYThing else — life, past, present, future, family, friends, etc, anything....leads to anxiety..and then no sleep....
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    ... That was pre covid, right? The lines and boundaries between work, study, sleeping, eating, and pooping have vanished. It all happens in a small space now. Be it divided by a few doors and walls, it's still a confinement.

    **cries and screams cuz exhausted from being indoors**
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    I'm not gonna address the above arguments. ^^^

    My stance on that is, kids, the more you depend on substances, the more I look like a super human for doing all the shit I do on not-the-best coffee. So do drugs. Papa needs to be a superman.
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    @NoMad jup, pre-covid!
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    I watch some YouTube channels with a soothing talking voice. I have been doing that since I regularly fell asleep on uni lectures.

    Maybe watch something more engaging first to get your mind clean off the work stuff.
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    I just imagine tying up beautiful women..or being tied up by beautiful women.

    puts almost all of me straight to sleep.
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