Have you ever noticed how racist Rick Astleys music video for "never gonna..." is? πŸ€”

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    no, i haven't
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    @Demolishun watch it then. πŸ˜‹
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    This sounds like an elaborate rick roll. What makes it racist?
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    Ive seen it before, a few times
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    Ma gawd there be a black guy being a bar tender in a 80's video🀷‍♂️

    You know how racist you are by pointing it out?

    That card flies both ways.
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    Nice attempt at rickrolling.
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    Have you noticed how racist the entire fucking world is now?

    I’ve been drinking so let’s get into this.

    All this “let’s talk about the systemic racism” is itself creating the fucking systemic racism. Except it isn’t against blacks like those people posit, and guess what: it hasn’t been for a hundred and fifty freaking years or more.

    I doubt anyone alive in this country today even remembers anyone else having slaves. So why the πŸ¦† are there so many demands for reparations? There are no criminals left! And guess what! IT WAS LEGAL AT THE TIME SO THEY WEREN’T CRIMINALS ANYWAY. Yeah slavery is a fucking awful thing to do. Not condoning. Not condoning the actual literal slavery in other countries that none of these vocal “anti-racism” racist idiots seem to give a fuck about either.

    Also, the law is the law, and it is inherently fair. But punishing the second and third and fourth generation descendants of people who committed what is only NOW an immoral act (and not even illegal!) is itself fucking immoral as hell. And fucking against the law.

    Surprise fucking surprise, these people are doing everything exactly backwards, it’s making everything worse, and it is against both the law and their own declared morals. Fucking hypocrites!
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    @Root ...have you considered writing a book?
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    @Ranchu I haven’t. I would probably receive death threats if I did. πŸ˜•
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    @Root the issue is the end of slavery wasn’t the end of the denial of black opportunity. I agree that generally, trying to figure out who is owed what 150 years later is a difficult at best, but when you review everything that has happed to destroy attempts of black people gathering wealth and attempting equality you can understand the basis for reparations in the modern era.

    Our history teachings have done a poor job connecting the last to the present. They particularly often teach the civil war and the civil rights era back to back, as sort of a how racism was fixed narrative, and ignore the huge societal damages that persist.
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    @ZeldaFan69-2 is it racist that the black guy can dance and Rick can’t? Rick Astley really can’t dance and he or his studio chose a black guy to dance in the video... I mean, I guess the video could have featured more POC, but we don’t even know who auditioned. I’m onboard with social justice and I’m calling this a reach.
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    Ive seen it before
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