I'd like a power button on the outside of my laptop so I don't have to open it.

I think 90% of the time I turn my laptop on ... it is closed and "docked" with a bunch of cables running to it and ... probably another laptop on top of it.

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    The struggle is real
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    Agreed 100%
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    Nobody knows the trouble I've seen...

    Nobody knows but he knows my sorrow ...
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    Btw, real docks often have a power button so you don't have to open the lid.
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    External monitor user detected. I wish I could move my eyes around a huge screen without pain. I’m basically tied to my small MacBook screen because I have to have the entire screen at focus the whole time so I don’t have to move my eyes
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    @electrineer Indeed, real docking stations have power buttons on them but ...

    Docks usually just work with specific models of laptop, my work and home are not the same type / model.

    Not all laptops support them anyway... and with monitors doing more and more, and just a couple cables REALLY doing most everything a dock does now a days ... I'm finding docking stations are often in a weird place where they're just not that useful / expensive and kinda impractical.
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    I've got an HP dock that works completely fine with my work MacBook. Just a USB-C plug into the laptop and I can turn it on from the dock. Works pretty well.
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    I have an aorus laptop that has that. It's almost impossible to press. You basically can't win.
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    @SortOfTested Yeah I fear that would be the result. Some hardware design person terrified of people powering it on unexpectedly ... makes it impossible.
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    @SortOfTested You only asked for a button on the outside, not a working one *shrugs*
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    Here I wired in an extra external button.

    But one laptop, only some of the screen works when the top is closed (If I'm remotely accessing it.), which is annoying.

    I think its because its using both its inbuilt graphics on CPU and its external graphics card at the same time.

    By some of the screen I mean everything seems to work fine, but then you get a popup window for something important, that doesn't show up on the remote access screen, but will if you go and open up the laptop and look at the screen in person!

    Which makes a mockery of trying to access it remotely..
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    On some models, you can enable keyboard-press-to-boot in BIOS. Then you can just hit a key on your external keyboard to get it to boot.
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    do laptops come with wakeOnLan?
    it was quite neat for me when I worked as sysadmin
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    Lenovo yogas have that, but the annoying thing is it powers on while in a bag.
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    @Jedidja shame I had to scroll so far down for wakeonlan.
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