Been running windows in a virtualbox on my Ubuntu cause folks at Adobe didn't think Linux users were important enough ugghhhh

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    If you want adobe products and the benefits of unix you ought to have a Mac 🤷🏼‍♂️
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    Because they aren't
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    A Linux using willing to pay for something (that isn't a game on steam)... Hmm, yes.
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    @jespersh I pay for my GoLand IDE, am I a sinner?
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    Make a dual boot hackintosh. r/hackintosh has a lot of good info.
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    Bc it's not worth the effort necessary. Like @jespersh, Linux users don't wanna pay for shit bc they'll just screech that there's already an open source alternative.
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    @Stuxnet There usually is, and it’s usually worse. But I can modify the source and make it do anything I want, and that’s just amazing.
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    @Root Correct.

    Just pointing out making non-critical proprietary software for Linux is pointless bc almost nobody is gonna use it
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    @Stuxnet Debatable; depends on target markets.

    But ideally, devs should write software with cross-platform in mind by default — just like with multiplayer in games. Both are a nightmare to “add in” support for later because they require rewriting so much of the foundation.
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    Depending in the product, the are a few (pretty good) alternatives though.
    The ones i know:

    Adobe Premiere Pro -> DaVinci Resolve

    Adobe Photoshop -> Krita
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