How not to design a modem...

Cables hide perfectly - inside the wall...

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    It’s genius! No more cables!
    Just punch a hole 🕳
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    Just superglue the other side to the wall..
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    @sladuled I'm thinking of drilling holes in bottom base 😆
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    Do you think it would be better if the connectors were on the sides or the top? I think this is the best way if you want a device that stands up like this. You can still wall mount it with the help of a block of wood. Why didn't you buy a flat standing device if you plan to wall mount?
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    @electrineer I mean, if you design a modem, with wall mount, I think it makes sense to make it possible to mount it on the wall.

    This is a modem from my ISP, so that's that they've sent me. Maybe it's my fault for not telling them specifically what I need, but on the other hand I always had modems that can do both, so I didn't really think about it.

    In my sense, I think it's less practical to have cable holes perpendicular to it. It's harder to tidy up cables, without bending them.

    In my mind side ports would cover more use cases.
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    Actually you just need a bit longer screws to wall mount it. That way the back side will have better airflow as a bonus. It won't be too wobbly if you find screws with a suitable head.
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    Feature was specced and implemented, but there was no time left for QA.
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    I've got a couple devices like that.

    I suspect companies just pick a standard box that fits the board and go with it without looking at it closely.
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    My guess is that they didn't include wall mount tests.
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    Not sure if it's intentional, but I'd actually love something like this. Hack a piece of plasterboard out, bury all the cables in the wall, clean look, job done.
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    It could have something to do with manufacturing. Maybe it's easier to build like that, if they also produce a model designed for wall mount. But judging by how bottom side is made, I doubt this may be the case.
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    @WildOrangutan Yeah no reason to have a model with and without wall mounts / probably easier to just make one.
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    Enclosure design process:
    - Copy old wall-mounted design.
    - Move holes for connectors from bottom to back.
    - Add Stand.

    the wall-mount holes are just a left-over.
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    Just mount a board to the wall and mount the modem to that, that should give you the space you need.
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    Now 3d print an adapter with hooks to nicely hold the wires at an angle that gives space for wall mount. Sell it to other customers.
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    Many already said so...

    But since wild ideas are flying around:

    - Dresser screws
    - Hanging screws

    You should be able to get them everywhere.

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    I can only see this being functional if it's hanging at the end of your desk or off a shelf or something so that the ports are exposed. Still shitty design though.
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    Ours comes with a standoff which you screw into the wall and then clip the modem into.
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    Engineers 😂
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    A split brain design.
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    This kind of cables would be useful.
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    I’ve never seen a modem that wasn’t working really hard to. E the worst design in every single way possible. It is a try art.
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    @sheriffderek ‘to be’ / ‘a true art’
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