There have been so many low quality posts lately, ugh. They’re almost all poor attempts at humor in a pathetic grab for internet points, and many showcase a distinct lack of understanding.

Where are the rants?
Where is the competence?
Where is the anger?
Where is the rage?
... Where is the effort?

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    I'd say you should do your part and rant but then I saw the name and realized you do lmao
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    Couldn't agree more. There's also way too many people asking about the same thing. I'm not against questions, but when the post right before yours (sorting by recent) is identical, it's annoying as fuck.
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    I can only speak for me: it’s because I actually don’t have much to rant.

    Yeah I do Kotlin, yeah it sucks, but eh, the code, I’ve seen way worse.
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    Turns out not having to be in the shit and working from home has solved most people's rage issues
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    But also:
    Where are the internet points!!1!?

    Maybe we should be happy about the evident improvment of work conditions?

    No, we want rant!
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    Agreed. I'd love to rant about stuff but at my current job about everything is NDA'd and I don't have much energy to do much else.... so yeah, not many rants for now :/
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    2020 has killed the ranter too!

    Also, fuck you too! There, have some misplaced rage. ;-)
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    Lately devRant is like screaming into a pillow, but the pillow talks back and urges you to calm down & take some antidepressants.

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    @bittersweet I'm in my apartment, not bread. Dumbass πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    @bittersweet "Whoa, call down, mate. All that stress is not good for your health"

    @linuxxx No worries, I'll find some news on Google or things like that to make your blood boil
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    Ah yes, it is indeed looking more like a subreddit these days huh.
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    I do !

    But I do like a good despooling from time to time..

    (Which due to message limits of 1,000 characters or so, means I have to write a dozen or more messages to get my message across..)
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    That reminds me, my backup telephone is the wrong color for my wall..

    Ok, so it matches my wall, but my wall is the wrong color too !

    They will clash when I change the color of my wall..

    They should both be black, not for political reasons, but because its near by big screen TV, and I like the cinema effect of not seeing the walls.

    Though, I'm reminded that in the cinema they have these annoying green lights telling you where the exits are !

    At least my room doesn't have those..

    Talking of annoying lights, my Wi-Fi light-switch LED is on the fritz !

    Now I can't see down the corridor at night by the dim LED light from the switch, and can't find it easily on the wall.

    I thought modern electronics was supposed to last for decades, not just a few years !

    Not that I've been able to get it to work for the last 2 years via the network.. since its bluetooth..

    On todo list, replace with non-bluetooth network version..

    It must have a little light on the switch !
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    Sorry, I haven't had any rage in my life recently, the most anger I've felt in the past month has been mild frustration due to custom collision code not working on an otherwise very enjoyable project. Now that I'm looking for work, just give me a few weeks and I'll be back with more rage than I can handle.

    Also @everyone please downvote reddit reposts kthnx
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    Great name by the way !
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    @Stuxnet if there is "ranter of the month" root will earn it every month lol
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    @gitpush I’m hardly even active! Maybe before when I worked in Hell; those were some quality rants.
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    @Root I just saw your other rant about xcode, that is a new type of hell if you ask me ...
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    I took an entire month off, no rants from me

    except about Windows, that made me want to pull my hair out lately
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    @LotsOfCaffeine What? just "lately"? Are you sure you've been using Windows before that?
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    Man, I sleep like four hours a day right now.
    No energy to really rant. I just sort of deal with it.
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    I have had a lot more stress/anxiety than anger lately so I can’t really say I’ve had a good reason to rant
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    Talking of xcode reminds me of webcam stripper..

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    @Nanos loool guess this is where they got the name :P
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    I'll have to ask them next time I'm chatting. :-)

    "Yes, those are very nice nipples, but what languages do you code in?"
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    @Nanos why not lol

    But I was referring to Apple that they were liking the idea of xx_code cam and they thought why not make an IDE out of it?
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    Fuck you, asshole!!
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    @SortOfTested agree actually. Since officially working permanently from home, my rage has dropped down by more than half. Yeah I still get frustrated but my bed is literally 10 feet away so I take a nap and wake up refreshed enough to solve my problem. I also barely talk to people lately and human interaction is to cause of 30% of my rage anyway.
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    Well the question of the week is about creativity... Not really a ranty topic?

    And maybe we all just want to play it safe... No one is doing it saying anything that might get them fired.
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    Oh and since we're all working remotely, the only people that can drive you crazy are the ones u live with.

    And I guess a lot of us are single or married without little kids.

    No big projects either...
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    @donuts Fair; it’s the people that drive me to drinking. Code makes sense; people are just ... full of emotions and bad ideas, and are reasoning with them is often impossible/improbable, and often fruitless.
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    @Root yes reminds me today once again explaining public private keys because my boss asked... Again.

    I actually told him I think this time, "you want to know more, Google it".

    It's not like I figured it out in a day... It took me awhile listening to other ppl explain it but at least don't ask the same person to basically explain the whole thing every time.

    And in the end he goes "so what's the problem?"

    Ah there u go... a rant...
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    @donuts mini-rants are great, too ☺️
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    Generic rum joke
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    Because devRant uses ++ and –– and every user gets to give one per rant / comment, this is like a democracy: vote for what you (don't) want! Speak with your ++ and –– and keep ranting about this!
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    Okay, out of curiosity - is my newest rant a proper rant or am I a part of the problem? https://devrant.com/rants/3185103/...

    I'm jesting at the end asking whether it's proper or not because it's not really tech related but... πŸ€” Is it?
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    @eeee Some people apparently use ++ as a bookmark. Many will ++ anything that makes them laugh, so joke/meme gets a disproportionately large share despite being low effort trash. 🀷🏻‍♀️
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    @cprn Decent enough.
    Could use more anger, of course πŸ˜‰
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    @Root generous of you to call them people. You are a loving person.
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