What does devrant think about https://doppler.com/

Saw it on https://producthunt.com/posts/... today, and it seems interesting but I'm not sure what all to think of it, so I'm curious what the smarter than me members of devRant think.

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    all secrets in one place. Online :D

    Nope. Not today. Not ever.

    *paranoia kicking in*
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    @netikras lol, that's what i thought too, though i think it's an interesting idea I don't think I'm ever gonna use it past curiosity testing
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    Sounds cool
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    Nah, I willuse Hashicorp's Vault any day instead of this. Secrets should be way more protected.
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    Hashicorp Vault already exists, is better, self-hosted, open-source, tried and tested, and free, so why would I use this?
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    @lamka02sk never heard of hashicorp vault, but after a quick google it looks better and i'm always up for a self hosted open source option

    thank you for bringing this up : D
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    +1 for vault
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    Single source of truth.

    In the cloud.


    I'm still amazed. *shakes head*
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