One employer has just contacted me, said that my resume seems very interesting and invited me.
Now I'm looking at their website, all from 00s and with cringey fonts. Ok, they do "automatization of financial systems" and etc.
Alright, scrolling down... Suddenly, I see cut from the familiar soviet cartoon "Vovka in the Far Away Kingdom", where in the end Vova says:
- Well, that would do!


Now I'm questioning my will to attend this interview.

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    Gotta go just so you can tell us about it.
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    Go and see why they lost their copyrights in 2013 😦
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    @N00bPancakes @vintprox I agree with him, do it. It'll make for a fun story in the discord.
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    Right now, I'm doing test app for another company with React Native. So, I hope circumstances won't lead me to interview with weird company seen on screenshot.
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