Does anybody have a VR Headset?
This seems interesting vr application for programing.

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    I love my valve index, but I would think that the resolution when looking at the text would be too low and the text would look grainy. I prefer looking at screens instead, no matter how many screens u can have in vr
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    I’ve considered building this ever since I heard about VR. However, @Ralle has a point: the resolution might be too low.

    Thankfully there are new nanometer scale pixel displays in development which could remedy that issue entirely.

    Soon I might start working entirely in VR 😁
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    Does anyone do a lot of reading in VR?
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    One day, when text is actually legible I can see it becoming a thing.
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    This would be better in Halolens. Should have bought one when I had the money. AR is better than VR. I have a Vive and as everyone else has stated it's hard to read stuff.
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    Now I got a reason for memorizing keyboard's keys
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    This reminds me of Buddha box from south park. I would really love check it out tho.
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    As a VR headset owner : it isn't.

    Grid effect is still a thing, and while it doesn't affect you much when, say, chopping zombies into pieces with a virtual battle axe, it sure does when reading.
    Even the books in Skyrim VR were a PITA.
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    I got a Oculus Rift and RTX 2080Ti. Great for gaming and 3D modeling. Not for reading or development afaik
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    People were wondering on some other post (too lazy to look for it) why anybody would want a 10,000 dpi screen or whatever it was. Well now you know.
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    Hold on a sec, Linux support!?
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    @RememberMe I'm wondering why people would want it as a normal monitor as you can't see a difference after 4k anymore from what I've heard.

    But for this, it would be awesome!
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    @linuxxx I can see pixels on 4Ks. VR headsets are like looking though window bug screens to me — very difficult to look at unless the image is moving.

    If VR screen resolution improved, I could see doing work in VR, but currently it would just give me a headache. ☚ī¸
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    @Root I said after 4k 😄

    And fair enough :/
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