*Client calles me at 7Am*

Client: why did you make everything smaller on my website ?

Me: look at the right side of your URL bar, do you see a minus sign ?

Client: yah, so ?

Me: click on it and set it back to default.

Client: oh ok this is working for me now, will this fix apply globally across the internet

Me: ...

Client: oh I think I asked a stupid question, thanks mate have a good day.

Me: you're welcome...

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    I understand their stupidity
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    At least he admitted he asked a stupid question
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    @PoweredByCoffee the issue is you can't really blame them especially for this one cuz it's so easy to zoom in and out by mistake especially with touchpads, I think browsers manufacturers didn't consider this UX issue
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    @Nedo-the-angry *feature not an issue
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    @sheepz the ease of zooming is a feature. The ease of accidental zooming is an issue.
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    @elazar This! Macbooks have code to detect accidental vs intentional gestures on their trackpads and it works extremely well.

    Not so much on other laptops. After switching back to a non MBP, my accidental zooms have shot up significantly.
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    FYL!! LOL!!
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    If you have to explain it, its probably not so good.
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    Neat. Polite and understanding client for a change. We have to cherish those. 😄👍
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    😐😂 clients, man...
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    I might be in sound sleep at that time and won't give a f.*k about the call.. Clients are a*s..
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    @secrethash even though calls like that are out of "working hours" I believe situations like this one are good for getting referrals through the client since he likes the service.

    So all in all it's profit but annoying as F***
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    Make him use the CLI for a week as punishment. Lol
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    Yes it's applied across the internet. Also whatever URL he opens the entire internet sees. So, NO PORN or your mom will know.
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    At least the client realizes that he asked a stupid question...
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    Client: oh I think I asked a stupid question

    Me: ... they're evolving!
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