Sorry Facebook recruiters, I don't think I can work for a company that has all the information that would likely prevent me from getting a job in the first place.

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    They know everyone is horrible and that's why they're contacting you.
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    If you're not being contacted by a team and interviewed directly, it's not really facebook recruitment. They'd have you sit the cattle call exam-interview and then dismiss you because you're not 22.
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    @SortOfTested Does Suckerberg still think that people over 30 suck, now that he's past that age?
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    No, they just don't have open interviews for anyone not fresh out of high school.
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    I'm not sure that would matter, most of the founders who express publicly their desire just to hire younger workers without families ... almost all of them are older with families.
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    I might have had a serious chance of getting in in the earlier days, around 2013-14 but I had that exact conflict with my conscience. Decided I’ll not work for someone who does the exact thing I think is wrong with those organisations.

    I heard that it sucks there now anyway. You’ll be dedicated to the notification Dropbox for the rest of your life or shit like that.

    I know a guy at google, he’s been working on the calendars Toolbar for the last 5 years 😂
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    @just8littleBit Yikes, now that sounds depressing... what is he even doing all day on that? Do they also have a designer that works on the calendars toolbar all the time as well and they just keep reiterating it or what?
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    @skylord no idea what exactly they’re doing but apparently they’re in meetings 50% of their time and micromanagement extreeme so every tiny change takes ages to go through.

    Maybe it’s not always like that but for the ones I heard from it was..
    But the $$$ is goooood..
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