when you are at someone else's desktop/laptop and the screen is so dirty you can almost see what that person likes to eat.

And if that's a touch-screen, you are literally touching what that person ate weeks, months ago.

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    Nice joke ha ha ha 😂
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    imagine the smell of that computer screen right now.
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    "Excuse me, but would you possibly have the time to introduce me to the eleven million germs undulating on your computer screen? Not to mention the bacteria! Is this job related or an interactive art installation inspired by Yoko Ono?"
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    @bols59 burn it with FIRE! add a flame thrower and gas sprinkle some ant poison on it and puncture the battery :)
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    The keyboard is probably just as dirty so it doesn't matter if it's a touch screen or not. It's probably easier to see from the screen than the keyboard. Moral of the story: use your own keyboard and mouse or clean them before use.
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    @electrineer i rather use my android tablet than that dirty computer, as cringe as it is to code on there better than getting sick from millions of creepy crawlies populating on ones screen

    *me sprays laptop*

    *germs: X__X
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