Disclaimer: I haven't done much research.

Do you have any good course / tutorial / guide to using Web Sockets with PHP or Node? I'm looking forward to knowing about the matter but I'm just asking here before just in case someone has a good / recommended resource.

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    I've also not done much reasearch but maybe you'll find something usable here https://www.scrimba.com
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    @heyheni Didn't find anything in the first search attempts, but I will look longer and it's still a cool resource, thanks!
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    @c3r38r170 i'd like to know how familiar you are with TCP / IP....

    Some people skip that and become very frustrated ;)

    If you're not familiar, Mr Tanenbaum might help you...


    If you have more details, it might be easier. Sockets are a foundation - they're pretty easy.

    What you do with sockets is usually the hard part.
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    There is the ws package for Node. Do not reinvent the websockets wheel with the net packages, lol.
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    Overread the "web" in front of sockets.

    Still get familiar with the basics before the advanced stuff.
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    php has an requirement on how long an process can run.
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    @stop erm no, max execution time to 0 and away you go.
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