How many of you think, that one of front-end dev responsibility is UI/UX design?

I’m not making any judgements - just curious why and if.

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    Apart from replicating given design, of course.
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    Depends on the project I guess. If the guidelines are super strict, then no. But I always appreciate working with people who take initiative and have an eye of UX
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    @ScriptCoded 100% with you, but this is not an answer to my question, is it.
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    It depends on what resources are available... in startups it's usually a requirement, in bigger teams/companies it's less important to have an eye for UX/UI since there are usually a few designers telling you what and how to do it.
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    You don’t have to make it, but you should be able to do so to some degree
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    No, but if the company isn’t large enough to have a designer, yes. Frontend devs are more likely to have design skills than managers or backend devs.

    Much like backend devs are more likely to understand database and infrastructure setup than frontend. If the company doesn’t have a DBA or dev ops team, it falls to backend.
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    It varies from project to project, but if I'm doing front end dev work, I'll at least expect to have a conversation with the ux team about the design, especially if their design isn't workable.

    Last change I got involved in, we captured the user's nationality, which was stored as a country in the back end. Ux didn't like selecting say United Kingdom as nationality instead of British. They wanted a complicated lookup/mapping system in front end to convert from country to nationality, with the possibility to handle multiple nationalities, such as English, Welsh, Scottish and British.

    My suggestion was to change the label on the ui from "nationality" to something like "country of nationality", saving the several layers of complexity and maintenance hell that their original proposal would have produced.
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    @nibor I’m Irish.
    I don’t live in Ireland.

    How would they handle that?
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    @Root Hopefully with alcohol
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    Like all things depends.

    Big ass company, there's probably a designer.

    Small shop like mine and nobody is a designer? Just pick a CSS framework, slap it together and make some revisions here or there.

    There's a lot of dev resources, blogs, focus on UI/UX out there on the internet where everyone comes up with something unique for every project.

    I suspect the reality is quite different.

    That's not a knock on the folks who are putting some serious design work.

    But really most sites / apps don't need that, they just need not to suck ... and those that suck I kinda suspect are often the everything from scratch let's be cool and fuck with the scroll bar and etc.
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    @yehaaw Perhaps not. That's one bitchy answer though, that's for sure.
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    Depends. It sure af isn't the backend guy's problem. Whether it's expected of the front end dev or there's a separate UX/UI designer should be made clear to the front end dev when hired
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    As a full stack dev I'm most often expected to handle everything from Dev ops to design.

    Only thing I don't, is tracking tasks and client negotiations.

    So I'd say most likely, yes. Front end devs should know a little bit designing.
    Like compose some drafts with material UI and a reasonable colour palette :)
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    Fullstack with love for frontend here, this is a clear no. I'm uncreative as fuck but I love to create interfaces after given designs.
    It shouldn't be my beer if the UI/UX looks good. It should be my beer if it works.
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    It's not expected but it should be something frontend is used to dealing with as a side trait.

    having worked for a UX company in the past, you pick up a few things and keep them in the back of your mind, so come implementation time from "awesomesauce designer" you can throw it back at them and have them correct things for the better.

    As for UI, any frontender worth their experience, should be able to mock up a design by the time they reach mid level, they've been around long enough to do it, but again not an expectation to design everything all the time.
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    @root it'd still be Ireland as country of nationality, we didn't care where you lived for this particular question
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    @nibor what if you’re a mutt like me?
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    A real designer, a good one, is extremely valuable imo. Even when hired as a temp. I consider myself a front end dev, but having a given design speeds up development significantly. Converting designs of any form to code is my specialty, and I know what's ugly and unpractical to implement, but to create something pretty? You need different talents for that!
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    @nitwhiz Totally agree with you! There's a reason why front-end developer is different from a "designer".
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    I was designer before I was frontend engineer.

    I don't do design anymore, but when I see some Ux or Ui BS I have talk with designers to validate the decision if I find it weird/ unnecessary or just garbage Ux.

    So yes, I think that frontenders should be frontend designers at some point in their careers, at least to see the angle from which designers are solving Ux issues and to get familiar with Ux part.

    Same for designers, they should at least do some basic html and css just to see and feel that some crazy shit they came up with is a fucking nightmare to code sometimes.

    About creativity in design... Unlike programming, design is not changing and has set of rules you can bend a bit and still having great design with being creatively handicapped.

    Trends in design come and go, but they are all based on rules (a lot of them) everyone can learn.

    Art is expression that creates more questions/problems. Design is solution/answer to some problem. Don't mix them.
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    Nobody should but most people you'll work with 100% will. Age old connotations.
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