Asking seriously: don't all those social justice warriors on Twitter have something to do with their lives other than tweeting/complaining/attacking someone/... all the time?

I wake up for 16 hours everyday and it's not enough to finish my tasks that I want to extend the day past 24 hours. That's excluding two hours or so wasted reading technical posts on Reddit or Twitter but they have to ruin this time with their whining.

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    For reference: https://twitter.com/domm/status/...

    He talks like a jerk or he's on adderall or something but it doesn't have to be a war attacking the guy and requiring his resignation. We live in a clown world.
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    They probably don't. I think most of these are either students or people with way too much time on their hands... Actors... CEO's... Un-employeds...

    This might upset some, but I find that the poorer or less successful the person the more liberal they are. They believe that all their need to live full lives is getting free stuff and token points on social media instead of working...

    "if only the world wasn't so racist I would be successful"

    "If only the world wasn't so homophobic I would be successful"

    "...so racist..."
    "...so xenophobic...."

    These a-holes always think society owes them something and That's why they have shitty jobs, lifes and relationships.. It's never their fault
    It's all whining and zero responsibility. The world is only fair once they get free gibs...
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    @Hazarth exactly! This explains the direction towards the issues of the group or the society rather than their own issues. I mean, take responsibility towards yourself first then try to help others.
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    @Hazarth So you blame liberals for taking not taking responsibility, but if someone behaves like a jerk in a non-liberal way then it's wrong to hold him accountable?
    Thinking the world is fucked up doesn't necessarily means you sit on your ass and wait for it to magically be kinder to you. I'd say I'm pretty fucking liberal, I dislike homophobia, xenophobia and misogyny, and at the same time I know that if want something I need to make it happen myself.
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    Anyone has the right to post any crap online within certain limits. The reader is self-responsible of not reading the crap they don't want.
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    Anyone can post online... it takes time to really understand why someone does. It's super easy to assume that they / anyone 'have nothing better to do'.
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    I am not one of the SJWs. But you underestimate how idle it can get sometimes at work.
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    Not sure if they being serious or this was an elaborate plot to bait SJW's.
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    While they have their rights to do it, you have your own rights to ignore it, though...
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    @NickyBones Everyone is responsible for their actions and future.

    I respect anyone that puts in the work, liberal or conservative.

    however the OP mentioned "SJWs" and those just aren't the type. Even you labeled yourself "pretty fucking liberal" but not an SJW and something tells me you aren't the type to sit behind your keyboard all day sucking up to anyone else either... you have better things to do, right?
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    @Hazarth I have shit to do, but sometimes I choose to sleep 1 hour less and argue with assholes.
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    @NickyBones It's one thing to argue with someone and it's something else to impose your opinions on everyone to make them exactly like you or else. Diversity includes opinions as well you know.
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    @rantsauce Right. So I need to accept Nazis because it's an opinion? Well, let me put my conservative hat on and tell them to fuck off and die.
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    Me watching people complain about "cancel culture" because we won't let them be racist white nationalist nazi ass fascist fucks without consequences...

    When the Germans did this we murdered several million of them until they fucking stopped.

    Count yourselves lucky neo-confederate slime you are being treated so well. If black people did what you did on January 6th they'd have been mowed the fuck down.

    You only live because of your privilege.

    Fucking "cancel culture"... anybody who complains about "cancel culture" is a fucking retard. Period.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi god damn thats some quality fucking satire!

    You should be a writer.
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    I think they did a study and found the average SJW was 26, unemployed, and lives with their parents.

    So, that's how they have so much time lol
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    @NickyBones didnt talk long for this thread to start mentioning Nazis lol
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    @YADU It started with racist and xenophobic. That's really a short gap to bridge.
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    @YADU You can fit an average like that to some other groups, I'm sure.
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    "If black people did Jan 6th they would be mowed down"

    They weren't mowed down when they were literally walking down seattle, breaking shit and stealing... Why would it be any different in DC?

    Also @NickyBones and @HiFiWiFiSciFi

    There are no nazis, the nazis lost ww2 and they don't exist anymore.

    And don't forget that nacizm was started as left Wing party, the entire idea was to put people first... German people, rather than others, but people.

    So technically speaking neo-liberalism is closer to original nacizm than conservatism is.. which is why these words are no better than buzzwords

    What I want is freedom for individuals, like me

    What SJWs want is supression of individualism and the rise of forced collectivism.

    In short a world where everyones equality is enforced by the system... Which also means that all my and your "hard work" means nothing anymore, because someone else might not have a job or an equal pay if you're better than them...
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    @YADU it wasn't that out of place though, as it's an example of opinions that one doesn't have to accept. Admittedly, more relevant and precise examples could be found not that far from history, if only to prevent reductio ad Hitlerum.
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    @Hazarth that's an actual nazi card rhetoric: collectivistic views are bad because Nazi party was collectivistic.

    Maybe we should call it game over and everyone loses.

    It's a bit ironic that you root for conservatism and individualism, while (US) conservatism is against individual rights for example in abortion.
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    It doesn't matter that nazi party was collectivistic. The point is that collectivism never works because It's always to the detriment of individuals by definition. And while humans are social, we are not a hivemind... but that's just what I think

    It is ironic, maybe that's because Im not native to US, I don't always understand US politics and they seem so backwards sometimes.

    I do believe that everyone loses in these discussions tbh. I find It's very dependant on personal experiences anyway but eh... I bite anyway hoping for actual discussion and data rather than name calling but that's rare... Still It's better on devrant than on twitter... Twitter is awful -_-
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    @Hazarth I live in Germany, and Nazis still exist. The fact that Germany lost the war did not wipe out this ideology. You still see people in the USA with 6MWE shirts.....
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    There will be edgy people and ofc there are always idiots, assholes and trolls. I don't even deny those exists. I Merely argue that you can find these on both sides and they are not worth the time. They are not a real threat.

    You can probably find more 6MWE shirts now than 20 years ago because of politics being such an identifying topic now...

    We don't have a nazi problem, we artifically created a "nazi" problem and at first we got ust edgy teens fighting it out over youtube, and now we have genuinely confused and upset people picking sides in a war entirely constructed on the internet...

    If instead of destroying they built something, and instead of censoring opened more platforms for open discussion, we might've been off much better.
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    @Hazarth Both sides? There is this one side who killed most of my family in Poland and they were not the SJWs.
    People who think Jews should be terminated exist. People who thinks blacks should murdered exist. People that want to abolish gypsies, gays and everything that is different than them - they exist. It's not a problem we created.
    Let's reopen this discussion about "both sides" when some Twitter snowflake SJW attempts a genocide.
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    The side that killed most of your family is dead. You're projecting that anger upon people that were born long after that.

    That's the same Logic as saying that every white American born pretty much forever is now automatically a former slave owner. And you keep saying it until they snap and agree with you just so you leave them alone and you respond with "ha ha, I knew it, pay me reparations"

    And all that in the name of what exactly? Revenge? Progress? Peace? Liberation of... Who?
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    @Hazarth They may be dead, but their tradition lives on. My cousin got beaten in the subway just because he was Jewish 8 years ago. By young people. There are still Nazi riots in Germany.
    This is not some silly online quarrel, this is real people suffering real damage.

    This is in the name of survival. Because when people were silent, we know how it ended.
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    "Beaten just because he was jewish"

    Sorry to hear that ofc. The ones who did it deserve a bullet

    Though people like that don't really do it because of race or belief... They do it because they want to hurt someone and they will say and whatever to hurt another... It's hard to imagine because we're not like that, but if you wanted to hurt someone... It wouldn't matter if they are black or white... Jew or christian... If he has funny glasses or a mohawk...
    "Hey, come here jew boy", "hey, what are you looking at cracker?", "What's your problem nigger?"...

    It's not really organized sweeping of anyone specific, It's just violent idiots.

    I'd personally break the arms and legs of who did that to your cousin... Monkey brains that can't behave -_- it pisses me off...

    But keep in mind this can happen to anyone, even white guys get beaten by black guys.. and maybe some of them are on the same revenge rush you are, targeted against blacks now
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    This is just my opinion and completely speculative. But I blame our educational system for raising people like this...

    Especially in the US where education is paid, and then it seeps into the world imo..

    Eh... It's depressing... -_-
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    @Hazarth I can give you a list of terrible things that happened to Jews in Europe in this last decade - people that are in my close or extended network.
    There is general crime, like people can rob you, or beat you because you looked at their gf funny.
    And there is targeted crime - people that go after specific demographics out of a twisted ideology. And this crosses the borders of online platforms...
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    @rantsauce I can't find what spark the Twitter chaos? The guy sounds like a douche but what was the trigger?
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    "People that go after specific demographics out of twisted ideology"

    In the context of SJWs this sentence is ironic.

    The only reason platforms like Parlor exist are because "twisted" people started forcing diverse opinions out of common platforms.

    And then they are surprised that the other side starts getting more organized when they literally organized them themselves...

    Sometimes this is better than any tv show. -_-

    PS: the right wingers actually do the same! Segregate until you make an echo chamber and then be surprised and upset the other side is collecting in a new place. Suddenly everything looks like a problem
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    @Hazarth I really don't think people become violent because they are banned from Twitter.
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    @NickyBones Nope
    But they become bitter.

    And then join the other side out of spite (or because they share the same Injustice)

    And then they stay in *their* echo chamber for weeks.. months... Years...

    And they start wearing stupid shirts and start adopting that sides philosophy

    Ultimately they will never become violent probably, but will be vocal and loud because from their view, they are the victims to begin with (what do they say about the path to hell?)

    You see now how this mindless back and forth radicalizes people...

    Next thing you know there are marches.. people that never did anything wrong join those, because their now friends are there... And then you have a nice healthy mix of peer pressure, excitement and anarchy

    Or you can keep speech free, welcome everyone, support open discourse and fact checking, teach people to be themselves and not to avoid conflict but instead argue with a clear and calm mind.
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    @NickyBones I think it's this one https://twitter.com/not_productive/... but he deleted it. Anyway, as I said, he's either a jerk or terribly hyperactive.
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    @rantsauce It's not that bad it's just completely wrong.
    Would he describe Stephen Hawking as physically fit and healthy? His mind was working just fine...
    I can think of several prominent figures in science that weren't exactly model crossfitters and I wouldn't call them underperforming.
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    Collectivism, individualism, and nazi. Damn, it's like reading a whole of nabat movement essay.
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    In my line of work I have seen more radicalization due to echo chambers created by censorship than I have from the airing of free discussion. An order of magnitude more.
    In fact, censorship is now one of the primary cited reasons by people who have been radicalized.

    Collectivism kills. It always justifies censorship of its disfavored scapegoats by claiming their ideas or beliefs are dangerous or harmful, regardless of who or what.

    And this detail was driven home for me, in NYC, when I watched the same people claiming to fight nazis and fascism, march on synagogues to torch them.

    The ultimate minority is the individual.

    There is no collective good without the individual good. It is the very foundation of the principle.

    And I count as friends anyone who believes the same. And anyone who doesn't, I don't hate, but I do pity.
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    @Wisecrack very well said!
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