Question for those that worked alone with a project manager, and were you covered multiple parts, frontend, backend, mobile and you basically have good friendship with the project owner/manager but the job got bored or wanted to switch jobs because you wanted to change environment.

What was the period you informed your employer/project manager in advance about your resignation and leaving? 2 weeks, a month? more? And was it enough time for the manager to find replacement? Did you leave in good terms?

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    My last job, no notice. I just walked, well not quite. I slammed the phone down after 2 hours of being told off because a client decided they wanted a change to delayed and they never got back to us when they wanted to finish the work. Several months passed and suddenly I'm at fault because the job wasn't completed, and walked out the door.

    Job before that though, I gave a months notice and left on good terms, I could probably walk back in that door and take my old job back.
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    I think you'll find a lot of small startups like this - I haven't worked *alone* with everything, but I have worked with just 1 other dev as well as the boss, and had a good relationship with both, so close enough.

    In short, it depends what your notice period is - and it's really up to them to set that notice period appropriately. Mine was set at 3 months (maximum allowed in the UK) so they'd have plenty of time for handover and finding someone new. I gave them that 3 months plus another week and a bit to ensure they *really* couldn't complain, plus then spent a lot of that time writing up documentation, putting together handover sessions and video tutorials, etc.

    Old boss understood that I wanted a change, and I'm still in touch - nice enough guy.
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    It depends greatly on where you work. https://thehrdirector.com/business-...
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