Manager: Oh my god have you heard of libraries? I don’t even need to hire developers anymore, everything can just be done with code other people have already built for free

Dev: Well you actually cause a bit of technical debt when you use an abstrac—


Dev: …This is going to implode…Can we at least fund some of the libraries we end up using?

Manager: WHAT? NO! Open source developers are suckers, what idiot puts code on the internet for free?? I shouldn’t be required to fund their stupidity. Let’s just take their stuff and make money with it.

Dev: *Phone rings 100th time today from recruiter*. One sec I have to take this call……It’s urgent.

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    Ooof, yeah that kinda decision making... I wouldn't want to be around guys like that.
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    Maintenance is going to be hell, wait until y'all make the first upgrade
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    *npm has entered the chat*
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    Manager: I've heard of a library that does X! That's exactly what our feature requires! Use that library so we can do it faster and I can pay you less.

    Devs: It's not so much a library as much as it is a demo. The code is not too customizable so we'd spend a lot of time adapting it to our current system and needs. Tbh we'd do it quicker by just doing it ourselves.

    manager: No! I want my library!
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    That's one of the things of why I "hate" use libraries, and how told above, we need to adapt the current code to works with the library and sometimes the lib is so big that we need refactor the "module".. fuck.
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    Spent 4 hours debugging a prod issue … to find out “it was that old library we all forgot about”
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    had a library issue today: pulled code from github run yarn to install all requirements but for sake i cant get momentjs to work
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    is this real?! some managers think like that?
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    Here I thought it is completely normal and okay🤨
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    I hope your manager doesn’t works for core product team for the organization
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    @eo2875 OMG literally me trying to explain JavaScript charting libraries to management. No matter which we use, I STILL have to integrate it into the CMS to make it customizable.
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