text-align: center

Designer: “it’s not cantered, it’s 2px too much to the left”

Me: *does nothing* “what about now?”

Designer: “perfect”

Yup. This IS the Truman show.

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    I had actual cases, where it just looked misaligned (but it wasn't when counting pixels on a zoomed-in screenshot) and adding a tiny positioning offset actually did the trick.
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    @Oktokolo good to know! In this case it really didn’t look off, but I’ll keep it in mind!
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    My first professional project had a bunch of requests for changes after the first mvp demo

    Second meeting I was about to apologize for not making any changes....

    "Don't change anything, we love the changes!"

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    I don't get this pixel perfection nonsense. Why can't a designer gain basic html/css knowledge. This would make discussion so much easier.
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    @Benutzername imho pixel obsession is a red flag on a company’s health.
    When a “move x 1px to the left” ticket is open and the manager doesn’t raise an eyebrow, it means the internal processes are screwed up.
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    @N00bPancakes yes, the changes for the program, the changes I’ve made exclusively for the program. The program and its changes… those ones?
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    In general, designers or, even worse, marketing doesn't care about the tech and whether it technically is aligned perfectly or not. They want it to look like it is aligned perfectly.

    The illusion of misalignment is a real thing because visual weight is a real thing. When aligning elements of very different visual weights technically perfect, they may look slightly misaligned:

    But sometimes, cleaning the monitor fixes it too :P
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    @Oktokolo perception/psychology is a bitch.
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    Actually, visual weight perception is a pretty good thing as it reduces object detection and classification time.
    When designing/layouting anything, you obviously have to work with - not against - it.
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    When someone mentions pixel-perfect somewhere near me, they get a friendly but firm slap on their face ☺️
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    @kiki everything should be pixel perfect. Go to a restaurant and if they put the food in your plate in a non-pixel perfect way ask to see the manager.
    (Or if we wanna be boring if one of the internal tools is not pixel perfect open an issue… but it’s less fun)
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