*While I was working from home this occurred*

New Accountant: How come Dev gets the nicest chair in the office?

IT: He brings his own chair because he doesn’t like the ones we have here.

New Accountant: How come I don’t get a nice chair?

IT: If you want a nicer chair either ask your department manager to buy one or if that doesn’t work you’re welcome to bring in your own

New Accountant: I shouldn’t have to bring in my chair from home! I want a nice chair like Dev has but I don’t want to spend the money to buy one as nice as his and my department manager said we don’t have the budget to buy one either!

IT: He buys them from a used office warehouse for pretty cheap actually, cheaper than what the company pays annually to rent these chairs from what I’ve heard. He has 3 more at home. You should ask him where he gets them from.

New Accountant: He should give me his chair! He mostly works remote anyway!

*This resulted in my being asked to come into the office to remove my chair because it was “upsetting people” in the office*

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    What chair was it ?
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    I’ve seen this before - an old employer had to put out a no personal office equipment policy because of the exact same reason. To quote the Robot in Unreal Tournament: Flesh is a design flaw.
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    Similar stuff happened to me. The coffee consumption in my dev team is too high and everybody is to lazy to walk 20m to the kitchen to constantly grab the free coffee the company provides. So we collected money in the dev team to buy a coffee machine for our room. The rumor spread, that the devs a treated better from management than everybody else...
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    That is a huge red flag.

    Tell your managment "wear thier big boys pants", and stop talking about it. Also - get a note from your doctor about backpain.
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    @Grumm Herman Miller Embody $1500 CDN chairs I pickup for $400 from a used office warehouse 😎
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    What a whiny, entitled sack of shit.

    It makes me extremely angry that people like that exist, and even moreso that others pander to them.

    Get them fired, or better: fix their brakes.
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    BITCHING OVER A FUCKING CHAIR?? ASSHOLE SHOULD BE FORCED TO SIT ON A ROCK!! It’s a damn chair!! Not a fucking Mercedes!!!
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    People are offended by a chair? What a time to be alive.
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    @TeachMeCode I mean it is a Herman Miller though…
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    @Avyy Have you been under a rock lately?

    People are offended by _everything_ at the moment.

    Chair envy? Ha! Small potatoes.
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    @BixelPitch Well, the devs ARE treated better than everyone else where I work. It is not a rumor, it is a fact. Also, my boss said despite being an OEM we are essentially a "software" company. Because just about every version of our equipment is customized to customer specs via software.

    I should note that we have mechanical, design, and electrical engineers on staff who build the test of the product.
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    I hate humanity except a few.

    This is just one of the many reasons.
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    I remember a place which had a related issue, someone solved it by taking all the chairs from other departments that wasn't supposed to have them..

    Then another place, where someone wanted a chair when they moved to a new department.

    They said it was uncanny how their new chair looked just like their old chair from their previous department..
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    Also reminds me of the time I used to take my own keyboard to work, since work ones was awful.

    I even had it registered on the security system so I could take it home without them thinking I had just stolen it. :-)

    Couldn't you put handlebars on it, and chain it to the bike rack. :-)
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    WHAT .... THE.... FUCK.... ?

    I don't care much about chait, but I always used my own keyboard and mouse in every place I ever worked.

    200+$ keyboards etc. NEVER EVER someone asked for something like it
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    @Nanos That would be funny as hell.
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    @NoToJavaScript Well they’re not complaining about my keyboard because “how do you know what button does what if there are no labels?”.

    Because the “f” and “u” keys don’t change location that’s why
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    @fiftyhz if that extended to keyboards I’d quit. I’ll drop 5 C notes on a UHK (https://uhk.io)if I want to.
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    @xMadxHatterx ErgodoxEZ for me thanks
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    But but he's an *accountant*

    Pathetic he kept yammering after a perfectly sound explanation and even solution.

    But then he'd ask a favor from the lesser kind?
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    What @Root said.

    But keeping passing hatred towards managers as justice aside, I see the merit in what @fiftyhz said about no office equipment policy. If there are $400k/year CTO and $20k/year PHP developer working in the same shitty open space, that policy could avoid at least some conflicts, and if so, it’s already okay, though akin to treating cancer with paracetamol. If you have this kind of conflicts, your company has waaay more severe problems than just some employee bringing their own chair that offends people.
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    I found it interesting that even with the same make / model / age of keyboard, they all appeared to feel different.

    So the first thing you do when you arrive early in a new job is go around and choose the best keyboard / chair / desk draw / etc. and swap them all around to your position. :-)
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    you should ask them to remove the accountant because he's upsetting your chair, and in a conflict like this, company should choose to keep the smarter office appliance.
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